I bet you if you ask any mountain biker what WTB is known for, the first thing they will mention is saddles – and there’s a pretty good chance they own one too. Well here is one of WTB’s lesser know but great saddles: The WTB Devo Carbon saddle w/ titanium rails (MSRP $165 USD, $224 CAD). The Devo is a race-oriented saddle with a medium width (140mm) and a short length (255mm). This saddle will fit just as comfortably on an XC or a road bike; heck you could even toss it on a DH rig if you wanted to! After all, top DH riders like Sam Hill and Fabien Barel rock the Devo as their saddle of choice.

The Devo is advertised at just 190 grams and mine actually came in at 189 grams so the advertised weight might actually be a bit of an overestimate. The Devo is relatively flat front to back and has a “love channel” to help reduce pressure between bike and butt. At first glance you might think this saddle is hard as a rock but that’s really not the case. WTB cleverly added just the right amount of padding (they call it DNA padding) in all the right spots and over time the DNA padding will conform to your anatomy. WTB also cut reliefs in the shell to induce flex in key areas to increase rider comfort.

I installed the Devo on my all-mountain rig in just a few minutes and set it so that the saddle runs parallel to the ground (a great starting point for those of you who are wondering how to set up a saddle for themselves). From the first minute on the trails I found the Devo was comfortable and virtually eliminated the typical saddle pressure points.

After just a few miles of riding I totally fell in love with the “Goldilocks” shape of this saddle – it’s not too long and is just the right width. Since the Devo is a little on the short side, I was easily able to slide up to the nose of the saddle and back again with out any snagging during climbs. The shape of the saddle also worked great going off the back on steep descents – I didn’t feel like I was hanging up on the “whale tail” like with other saddles. This is a very versatile saddle indeed.

Looking for a saddle recommendation? While every rider has slightly different MTB saddle needs, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Devo for your consideration set. And check this out: WTB has saddle testing programs through many local bike shops to help you find the right saddle (check your local retailer for details). Give the Devo and other WTB saddles a shot – you’ve got nothing to lose and you just might find your butt’s new best friend!


Official Devo specs from WTB:

USAGE: Elite Road / Cross Country Racing
SIZE: Mid-width x short (140mm x 255mm)
MSRP: Carbon $165 / SLT $150
Rails: Titanium
Weight: 190g
Construction: Carbon composite shell
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  • ChiliPepper

    All my saddles are WTB saddles besides one which is a genuine leather SDG DH saddle. I pretty much have owned nothing but WTB saddles with the exception of one or two others a while back. I gave one of the Italian saddles to a Singletracks member last year. WTB saddles are great, and the ones with the over sized rails are extra strong for those extreme or clydesdale riders.

  • GoldenGoose

    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on THIS specific saddle for the last 6 months for a test. I have their Rocket V on one of my bikes but, like you, I get hung up on the whale tail. None of the LBSs near me seem to offer their trial program so it’s been slow going. Thanks for a timely write up once again!

    P.S. – If you need to get rid of the saddle for a month or two I’d be glad to give it a loving home while I test it out!! 😉

  • fergy16

    MSRP $165 USD, $224 CAD why is there such a discrepency between usd and can http://www.xe.com price converter…

    165.00 USD = 177.905 CAD

    United States Dollars Canada Dollars
    1 USD = 1.07821 CAD 1 CAD = 0.927460 US

    one big thing I hate about living in canada

  • element22

    Well the thing is there is an extra level that in Canada you have to contend with. There is the distributor level. Unfortunately the simple truth is that up here in Canada we have far less population and that also means there is less buying power..So saying that. There is a need for a distributor to purchase in enough quantity to get a decent price and also a means for independant cycle shops to order from. Unfortunately our over all population is I think at present 1/15th that of the US.
    So basically our buying power is that of the State of California.. Thats it. Anyhow it also takes into account that MSRP doesn’t necessarily mean what you will pay..I am sure if you ask a shop or two they will if your interested enough give you a discount of about 10% which brings the price down to about $202 CAD..

  • PghDragonMan

    If I hit the lottery, I may give this one a try. I’m more worried about MY weight than the saddle’s weight, so I opted for a different WTB, the Gel Pro. Very comfortable on longer rides and not too heavy, but way more than the Crabon. Like the Carbon, the nose allows for quick position changes for downhill control.

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