WTB Deva Women’s MTB Saddle Review

WTB Deva Women's Saddle

There arent a lot of womens specific mountain bike products out there that actually need to be womens specific (like bike pumps – seriously). One major exception, of course, is mountain bike saddles. I’ve been searching for a comfortable and lightweight womens specific saddle for a long time and was recently fortunate to stumble upon the WTB Deva Saddle.

WTB Deva Mountain bike saddleTo me, comfort is the most important criteria for any saddle. I like the WTB Deva saddle because, first, it’s slightly wider than most men’s saddles to cushion more of your bottom. I’ve ridden on a few 2-3 hour rides already and I didnt have to slow down because my butt was sore (since it’s winter, my legs become sore and tired long before I notice soreness anywhere else!). Another way the WTB Deva adds comfort is through a feature called the Love Channel. The Love Channel is a small groove that runs down the middle of the saddle to minimize pressure on sensitive areas. I shouldnt have to tell you how important that is when rolling over rocks and roots at high speed!

Then theres the gel padding that helps provide comfort, too. As a racing saddle, the Deva is pretty firm with some flex; the minimal padding gives the Deva a low profile which is crucial when the ride involves varied saddle positions. If Im frequently getting in and out of the saddle for climbs and descents, the last thing I want is to sit back down on a firm, unforgiving seat. Ive ridden with a mens saddle before and there were many times that I would much rather climb out of the saddle than sit and pedal on something that feels like a hard, plastic chair in the waiting room at the DMV.

Though its been a while since Ive done any mountain bike racing, I still like using a racers saddle because it is lightweight. These days I favor lightweight components, not just because I plan to get back into mountain bike racing, but because I only weigh 100lbs. and don’t want to waste extra energy hauling around a heavy bike (outside of DH, few men ride mountain bikes that weigh 25% of their body weight). My WTB Deva SLT weighs just 240g with titanium rails and by itself, the Deva wont make the difference between getting on the podium or not, but its a great saddle choice for me.

For any woman who is riding a men’s saddle and hating it, the first upgrade to your mountain bike should be a womens specific saddle like the Deva. The shape of the WTB Deva makes a world of difference! Even after taking a (motherhood) hiatus from the bike, I can ride comfortably for hours on this saddle. And the Deva is the perfect saddle if you intend on racing or are in the market for a high-quality womens mountain bike saddle.

Plus, nothing says youre fast and fearless like white mountain bike components. I’ve always been hesitant about choosing white mountain bikes and parts because of the inherent mud and grime but for the Deva I’m willing to make an exception. My white WTB Deva certainly makes a statement, and my butt could not be happier!

Thanks to the folks at WTB for providing the Deva for review.