Watch: HT T1 Clipless Pedal Review

Each pair comes with two different sets of cleats, 4 degrees and 8 degrees of float, to allow you to get the feel you like in the pedal. The retention system these cleats clip in to is very similar to a Shimano SPD pedal, but there is one major difference.  The HT retention system has a much wider range of tension, meaning you can really crank these suckers up to keep your foot tight on the pedal.  I’ve got my HT’s tightened only about half way, and it already feels tighter than my SPD pedals do.

The HT T1 might be the pedal that brings down Shimano and Crank Brother’s domination of the clipless pedal market.  HT Components are making quite the name for themselves in the bike world as of late, as a lot of big name riders are choosing to run their products (Aaron Gwin, for example).

The HT T1s are made of CNC machined, extruded aluminum and are outfitted with EVO+ bearings. Each pedal has two pins on the front (8 total for the pair) which are replaceable and come in 11 colors. I’d also like to note that they are very affordable at $135 compared to an almost identical Shimano XTR for $180.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 5.08.44 PM

I have crunched the T1s on a few rocks pretty hard and they have not had even the slightest bit of issue, aside from some light scratching.  I’ve broken multiple Shimano SPD pedals by catching them on rocks: the retention clips brake away all too easily, it seems. HTs, on the other hand, seem to be real brutes.

One specific time I absolutely demolished a rock with my right pedal coming down a steep, fast decent. I had to stop to regain myself and nurse my foot, which I was afraid was broken. I expected the pedal to be a goner but was pleasantly surprised to find that it was in perfect working condition (though my foot was not).

I have found that the pedals clog up with mud and snow quite easily.  Shimano SPDs are notorious for that as well, but I am able to give a swift kick to the pedal to free up the gunk. I had trouble getting the T1s to clear out and even had to stop a few times to address the issue. Aside from that, I have been extremely pleased with the HT T1s.  I think they are a phenomenal pedal especially for trail/enduro bikes where the extra platform is really needed.