Watch: GoPro Hero 5 with Image Stabilization – Does it Work for Mountain Biking?

Is there a better adventure camera than the GoPro? GoPros are small enough to easily stash in a pocket and they can attach to just about anything. However, mountain biking is just so rough that it can be tough to get a good shot with a mounted GoPro, because the footage turns out just too shaky. GoPro is attempting to fix that issue with the image stabilization technology in their Hero 5 camera. This model is outfitted with a handful of great features including a touchscreen viewfinder, built in waterproofing (without a housing), voice control, and image stabilization.

IS, or image stabilization, is the main reason I upgraded to the Hero 5. I have countless hours of GoPro footage from past Hero models that is just plain unusable because it is to shaky. In this video I put the Hero 5 to the test on three different mounts to see if the built in IS can keep up with rough mountain biking. I tested this camera on a handlebar mount, a helmet mount, and a chesty mount. Click the video above to see how the footage turned out!