The Wolf Tooth Resolve Rev2 dropper is self-bleeding with up to 242mm of travel

The Wolf Tooth Resolve dropper post is offered in even more sizes and travel lengths, and the self-bleeding function is said to be improved. We put one to the test.

Before dropper posts, we shimmied our bodies further back on descents. Waaaay back until our front tire had as little grip as possible and our jorts were ripped by the rear tread. Knees out and fingers crossed. Thank goodness that silliness has ceased. 

We now have dropper posts that burp themselves when they get cranky and position that saddle as low as possible for maximum mobility. Huzzah! This fresh Wolf Tooth Resolve Rev 2 dropper post eats all the vitamins to come in strong with adjustable travel in 5mm increments, low weight, a self-bleeding cartridge, and home mechanic serviceability. They also added a 34.9mm diameter and a longer 242mm version to fit more bikes and inseams.

Wolf Tooth Resolve key specs

  • 125, 160, 200, and 242mm travel options, adjustable in 5mm increments
  • Weight: 567g as tested (200×31.6mm)
  • Price: $349.95
  • Buy from Wolf Tooth

I spoke with several shop mechanics who said that the Resolve is as simple to work on as a lower fork service. The company shimmed a 200mm post to 180mm to fit my bike, so I can’t speak to serviceability just yet. 

Installing the post was as simple as any. It uses a small cable catch at the base of the post instead of utilizing the cable head to actuate. I’m curious why some brands go this route when the cable already has a head attached that could seat in the actuator, leaving the open end of the cable to slide into the handlebar remote. It would make one less small piece to lose. Regardless, sliding this post in your frame is a cinch, taking roughly ten minutes to complete. 

Actuation on the Resolve Rev2 slips between the lightning-fast Fox Transfer and gentler-speed posts like my previous model from PNW. It’s predictable and offers a crisp “clack” at top out. You can vary the post’s return speed by feathering the lever if you like, though I’m not sure what the advantage of that is. For myself, the dropper needs to be fully down or fully up as quickly as possible. That’s it.       

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Low stack height with the Resolve allowed me to run 180mm of travel on a bike that barely fit 170mm with my PNW post. With a 30” inseam at 5’9”, I wasn’t aching for more dropper travel, but I’ll take it. Long-legged riders will likely be elated to see the massive 242mm option. More travel also means they can put more of the lower post in their frame which is always a factor for tall folks.

Existing Wolf Tooth Resolve dropper post owners can upgrade v1 posts to v2 using a $79.95 conversion kit available for purchase on the Wolf Tooth website.

Pros and cons of Wolf Tooth Resolve


  • Self-bleeding
  • Easy home service
  • Fast return speed


  • None noted

Bottom line

While it didn’t dramatically improve performance, this 567g post tested did drop 69g of weight from my bike, and I appreciate that it returns a little faster. If you’re in the market for a wicked solid-feeling dropper that’s adjustable and designed/assembled in the US, this one should make the top-few list.