Tektro Racing Products Sprints into the MTB Drivetrain Market With a New 7-Speed, DH Derailleur and Shifter

The engineers at Tektro Racing Products (TRP) have been working with a handful of pro-level downhill racers over the past three seasons to bring their new 7-speed drivetrain components to life, and today they are ready for the big reveal.

The brand’s newly minted DH7 derailleur includes a few unique elements that set it apart from the competition. First off, the Hall Lock, named after Aaron Gwin’s mechanic John Hall, locks the derailleur out at the B-knuckle to decrease chain slap noise. Hall noted that this was the primary point of excess noise in the drivetrain, and TRP set their engineers to work creating a way to eliminate it. The Hall Lock can be turned off to remove the rear wheel, and its tension can be adjusted to optimize performance for different frames.

Secondly, the DH7 mechanism has a ratcheting clutch that is fully adjustable to suit different suspension systems. Some DH bikes have enough chain-growth that the tension from the clutch is noticeable, and in this case, the clutch can be backed off to better suit the bike.

The derailleur also features a carbon fiber cage and upper link to shave some weight, and sealed cartridge bearing pulleys to keep it running smoothly all season. The DH7 derailleur weighs a reported 272 grams.

When asked why they chose to start with a 7-speed DH system, TRP replied, “This is the first step to enter the category and TRP feels there is already a well-established range of cassettes and chains available. Riders will have the chance to build their preferred package around DH7. In parallel, TRP will continue to learn and build on all types of riders’ feedback and our continued experience.”

The shift lever paddles have a little tread cut in for wet days and the lower paddle position can be adjusted across a 40° range. The DH7 shifter weighs a reported 120 grams.

The DH7 shifter and derailleur will be available with gold, black, and silver accent colors. Shifters will retail for $119.90 (€109.90), while derailleurs will go for $179.99 (€169.90).

Check out TRP’s video with Aaron Gwin and John Hall, whos’ input helped to shape the DH7 system.