Sugoi’s Super-Visible and Highly-Versatile Zap Versa Jacket – A Video Review

Sugoi’s Zap Versa is a combinations of their ultra-visible ZAP and their highly-versatile jacket/vest, the Versa.  This jacket is available at REI exclusively for $159 (currently on sale for $78!) and is well-worth that price due to its many different uses.  It comes in high rise grey, black, matador red, and supernova safety yellow, all of which come embedded with glass beads for ultra-high visibility.

This jacket converts to a vest in mere seconds by pulling off the sleeves that attach via built-in magnets hidden inside the fabric. Even with the magnets it weighs in at 14.1 oz.

This jacket is a great four-season jacket. I wear this in January when it’s 20 degrees out (with layers underneath, of course) and I wear it on cool summer mornings.  It is perfect for long days because you can shed the sleeves, and eventually the vest, as the day goes on.  It packs nice up nice and small and easily fits in a backpack or jersey pocket.

The Zap Versa is water-resistant and windproof, but does not do the best job at either.  Due to the removable sleeves, water can sneak in through the cracks.  It will keep you dry during a light drizzle, but it is not a full waterproof shell.

Sugoi Zap Versa Still

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