Specialized Continues to Update Shoe Offerings With the New 2FO DH Model

The Specialized the 2FO DH mountain bike shoe aims to keep your feet safe even if the riding is not.

Specialized downhill athletes Loïc Bruni and Finn Iles have run some of the roughest tests possible with these new 2FO DH shoes from Specialized, and today the shoes are available for everyone’s enjoyment at $170. With a very similar aesthetic and build to their recently released 2FO Roost kicks and a little added padding, the 2FO DH aims to keep your feet safe even when the riding is not. We have had a few weekends in them so far, and the first impressions are overwhelmingly positive.

The PU leather upper has an added layer of scrape-protection to help the shoes last through a few seasons of descending. Breathability is quite good, thanks to series of holes cut below the tongue and on either flank. Heel and toe protection are identical to the Roost and DH shoes, as is the lace keeper on the tongue.

The Slip Not sole is nice and sticky, which riders will appreciate whenever they need to hike or to place a foot on the pedal briefly before being able to clip in.

One main difference between the 2FO Roost and DH models is that the DH have a roughly 1cm higher inner ankle cuff to protect your skin and bones from crank slaps. Apart from the raised inner cuff, the padding is the same thickness and feels like a similar density.

The other notable difference between the two models is a stiffer mid-foot in the DH, providing the extra platform for all-out gravity sprinting. That stiffer sole also feels great on daylong adventures, keeping the shoes cozy as you climb through the forest. For a more in depth look, check out our full review of the decidedly similar 2FO Roost shoes.

Additional details can be found at Specialized.com.