Pole “Betterizes” the Stamina with a Unique Finish and Improves Lead Times

Finnish MTB brand Pole Bicycles has a new finish on offer for their popular Stamina models, and they just announced a company restructuring aimed at delivering shorter lead times and improved customer service.

The updated Stamina frames have an additional bonding surface to mate the two CNC’s halves of either triangle, and the rear triangle has been reinforced to prevent any flex or bending issues. There’s still space for two water bottles in the frame, and you can order a Stamina with 140, 160, or 180mm of travel.

The brand is using a new frame coating that looks like anodization but isn’t. Customers can currently choose their Stamina hue from Raw Clear, True Gold, and Storm Grey. Through a process called Electrophoretic Lacquering, the frames get a colored coating that Pole says is actually stronger and more environmentally friendly than anodize.

“First, the surface is cleared from aluminum oxide and other materials present in the alloy, like zinc, copper, and magnesium. Then an electrical circuit is made between electrodes and parts being processed. When voltage is introduced to the solution, the lacquer attaches to the surface of the parts. Finally, the parts are cleaned and placed in a low-temperature oven to remove any moisture and residue left over.” They plan to add colors in the near future, allowing customers to customize their bikes however they like.

Pole decided to update their business practices along with the bike, improving the quality and speed of their customer service, and cutting the lead times for bikes with a double-sized factory and additional staff. They say that anyone who buys a bike now will receive it before the summer.

Head over to the Pole web site for additional details.