Onza Tires Updates the Popular Ibex Trail Tread

Swiss rubber designers at Onza created the Ibex trail tread back in 2008, and today the pattern receives a full facelift. The Ibex is intended for year-round riding in most conditions, with relatively a relatively fast rolling feel and heaps of grip.

Onza says that the 2022 tread maintains its all-arounder status on the front and rear with “great rolling and braking characteristics.” The tires will be available in 27.5″ or 29″ diameters, 2.4″ or 2.6″ widths, with black or tan sidewalls. The tread consists of their Soft 50 Compound, and there is a trail or gravity casing option to suit different trails and riding styles.

Overall, the new tread is softer for improved grip, the lugs are closer together to improve rolling resistance, and the knobs stand a touch taller for increased bight. Retail prices will range from €59.99 to €84.90 depending on the model.