Onza Aquilas Get More Aggressive Plus an Inline Filter for Camelbaks, Crash-Detecting Helmet, $1,500 eMTB

This week we're tracking new and updated tires, hydration reservoirs, budget eMTBs, and mountain bike helmets.

Gear Watch Wednesday is a weekly update on the latest mountain bike gear releases and products that Singletracks has received for test. Have gear news to share, or products you’d like us to check out? Email [email protected].

Onza Aquila enduro tire updated

Onza took a super honest look at the performance of the Aquila, and using feedback from DH and enduro athletes, updated the tire for improved performance. The knobs are 20% taller and there’s a softer rubber compound on the Trail Casing version. The Onza Aqulia also gets a slight size bump, growing from 2.4in wide to 2.5in.

  • Price: $84.90 – $104.90
  • Available soon.

LifeStraw Peak 8L made tough for big days

LifeStraw has a new gravity filter on the market and it’s made for big days and big outings. The Peak 8L Gravity Filter can be used on its own or with the 8L Safe Water Storage bag to double the capacity. The Peak 8L works as a leak proof dromedary storage bag and water filter system, removing bacteria, parasites and microplastics from water in under 10 minutes. The bag is constructed from 840 denier, double TPU-laminated nylon reinforced fabric for durability.

Mountain bikers may like this reservoir filter kit pictured on the right too. It’s new by Lifestraw and Camelbak, and syncs between Camelbak reservoirs and hoses to turn your everyday hydration pack into a water filter system. The flow rate definitely slows down in our experience, but clean, slow water is better than tainted water.

Crash detecting helmet in for test

We’re hoping we don’t have to put this particular feature to the test. The Abus MoDrop mountain bike helmet features a MIPS liner and a slot for an optional QUIN chip that detects falls. The tiny sensor is rechargeable and connects to a smartphone to send alerts to your chosen points of contact or emergency responders in the event of a crash.

  • Price: $139.99 (MIPS version). $70 QUIN sensor sold separately.
  • Non-MIPs version available at Wiggle, currently on sale for $80.99.

Walmart is selling a full-suspension, e-bike for under $1,500

This may not be a new product, but it’s new to us. On paper the Hyper E-Ride mountain bike specs look somewhat legit: 29er wheels, 1-by drivetrain, and a name-brand, 120mm fork. Look a bit more closely and the paltry 20-mile range, 7-speed drivetrain, and grip shift take a bit more shine off this matte-gray steed. We tend to be wary of full-suspension mountain bikes priced under two grand, and we’re doubly-so for electric full-suspension bikes. But hey, it’s your money!

Check out Old Man Mountain’s new rack

Old Man Mountain’s new Elkhorn rack is a do-it-all rack for bikepackers and adventurers and will start shipping on July 22. The rack comes in two sizes — short and tall — and fits with tires from 27.5×2.8″ or 700cx50mm. The rack has a load capacity of 25lb, and is made from aluminum and is powdercoated. Backed with a lifetime warranty, it looks reliable for big days on the bike.

  • Price: $148
  • Available starting July 22.

New Handup Pro Performance gloves

If you’ve owned a pair of Handup “Most Days” gloves you know they’re comfortable, lightweight, and generally colorful, though they’re not the most durable or feature-rich. The brand’s new series of Pro Performance gloves add a neoprene cuff and rolled fingertips, among other upgrades, for improved performance. Of course they’re a bit pricier than the regular gloves, at $36 per pair versus $29.