New Stashable Talon Chain Link Tool and Tire Lever From Granite Design

Granite offers one more stashable bike tool so mountain bikers can leave the backpack at home for shorter rides.
photo: Granite Designs

Granite Designs has a new stash tool to pair with their handlebar and steerer tool systems. The Granite Talon is a chainlink separator, spare link holster, and robust tire lever set all in one.

The 40g unit is comprised of two glass fiber reinforced tire levers that hinge on one another to actuate a stainless steel chain-link separating tool. The link tool works with 9 to 12-speed chains. One of the 130mm-long levers has a cutout to hold a quick link for fast drivetrain repairs. Granite Design says that their levers are “tough enough for all but the stiffest of tires but, thanks to the nylon material, won’t ruin those expensive carbon rims.”

Riders can secure the Talon to their frame using the Granite Rock Band. The Talon tool is available now for $11.99 at

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