New Roval Traverse Alloy MTB Wheels are Only 70g Heavier than Their Carbon-Rimmed Cousin

Roval says that the Specialized Enduro Team has been training on these Traverse Alloy mountain bike wheels which retail for $650.

Roval has a new set of gravity wheels on offer with aluminum rims that reportedly weigh a scant 70g more than the carbon fiber version. The brand says that the Specialized Enduro Team has been training on these Traverse Alloy hoops that retail for $650, and that training bodes well for their durability testing.

Inside the boost-spaced DT Swiss hubs, the Ratchet LN system allows riders to swap between freehub ratchets to dial in hub engagement to their liking. The largest number of teeth currently available is 54, which will provide roughly 6° of wiggle room in the initial pedal stroke.

An internal rim measurement of 30mm will allow the tubeless alloy rim to play well with a wide range of tire widths, and the lower 28 spoke count should allow for a nice amount of compliance to smooth trail vibrations out a touch.

If you’re on the hunt for an easily-serviced wheelset the Traverse Alloy circles are worth a closer look. All four sets of spokes are the same length for a given wheel diameter. Yes, that’s one spoke length for either side of both wheels, so you only have to buy one size to replace any of them if and when they eventually break. The 28 front and rear spokes are laced with a two-cross pattern, and the shorter spoke lengths that this lacing requires likely attribute to the wheel’s somewhat lower weight of 1870g for a 29″ set and 1830g for 27.5″.

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