New Recon Bike Lights From Giant Grow Brighter As You Increase Speed

The new Recon bike light series from Giant uses sensors to change light output based on speed and ambient light conditions.
All images provided by Giant

For riders in the Northern Hemisphere, night riding season is upon us, and Giant’s new Recon light series is ready to illuminate the trail ahead. Whether you are riding home after work as the sunlit hours ebb, or taking your usual evening rip through the forest, this new light series looks to be a solid option to consider.

The most intriguing element of the new Recon lights is a feature called SunBeam technology. The lights have sensors that increase brightness as you increase your speed, and also monitor daylight to adjust the light mode as the ambient light fades. This feature is not only safer, but it will save battery life by not using full power output unless it is needed.

The Recon series lights feature reasonable recharge times compared to the competition, with the 1600 lumen model taking 5hrs to fully charge, the 900L 3.5hrs, and the other two models only 3hrs.

Recon lights are waterproof and built to take a beating, which are important details this time of year. If you hit the ground or take an unexpected bath in a trailside creek, you will still need to see your way home.

Giant made a good move with under- and over-the-bar mounts that fit up to 35mm diameter handlebars, and also include a GoPro mount for your helmet.

Individual Light Info

Recon HL1600

  • 1600 lumen max
  • weight 204g
  • runtime: 1.5hrs in high mode, 4.5hrs in medium (800L), 10hrs in low (300L)
  • $126 USD

Recon HL900

  • 900 lumen max
  • weight 108g
  • runtime: 1.5hrs in high mode, 2.8hrs in medium (450L), 10 hrs in low (150L)
  • $95 USD

Recon HL700

  • 700 lumen max
  • weight 107g
  • runtime: 1.7hrs in high mode, 5.5hrs in medium (350L), 12hrs in low (100L)

Recon HL500

  • 500 lumen max
  • weight 81g
  • runtime: 2hrs in high mode, 4hrs in medium (300L), 10hrs in low (100L)
  • $53 USD

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