New Öhlins RXF38 m.2 Fork Claims Dual Crown Performance in a Single Crown Package

The new Öhlins RXF38 m.2 single crown mountain bike fork is said to offer a similar ride feel to the dual crown version, with a lighter weight and wider turning radius.

Apart from the chassis changes, we’ve seen every bit of the new Öhlins RXF38 m.2 in their popular DH38 downhill forks. This new single crown model is said to offer a similar ride feel to the dual crown version, with a lighter weight and wider turning radius. It also weighs less than the DH fork, and a hair less than a Fox 38 for that matter. Our test model weighs precisely 2,311g before cutting the steerer tube. Öhlins didn’t share any exact stiffness calculations, but they say the fork’s stiffness sits well between their 36mm option and the burly DH38, while offering the compliance and traction control that riders need to go fast.

RXF38 m.2 models are only designed to hold 29″ wheels, squishing between 160 and 180mm of adjustable travel, with either a 44 or 51mm offset. The maximum tire width is 2.6″, and the max rotor size is 220mm. A 200mm rotor can be mounted up without an adaptor, and 203mm disks fit with the included washers.

A nice and clean looking floating axle to maintain proper alignment.

Inside the oil leg, the fork will run an adapted version of the TTX18 damper that’s in the DH38, with an 18mm piston that the brand claims will provide optimal grip. As usual, an external low-speed rebound adjuster is mounted at the base of the lowers, while 15 clicks of low-speed compression are available up top, alongside a three-position high-speed compression switch that also offers a firm climbing mode.

The air spring is the same that we’ve tested on other Öhlins forks, with three chambers and two pistons that allow riders to dial in the precise amount of end-stroke ramp and mid-stroke support they desire.

RXF38 m.2 forks will be available in early autumn at your local Öhlins dealer for $1,350 or €1,238. We currently have the fork in for review and will share our experience with it after a few months of squishing. Click over to the Öhlins website for further details.

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