New Minimalist EVOC Bikepacking Bags are Secured by a BOA Fit System

The EVOC bikepacking bags are designed for folks who aim to venture further with less.
evoc bikepacking bags review

The innovative engineers at EVOC have designed a durable new set of bikepacking bags for light touring and adventure racing. The EVOC bikepacking bag set consists of a handlebar and saddlebag, both affixed to the bike with their hyper secure Boa Fit System, a multi-position frame pack that can squeeze in any open space, and a top tube bag for headlight batteries or snacks.

For riders who enjoy 2-3 day long tentless tours, lightweight adventure racing, or credit card touring, this set of satchels provides just enough space for the essentials — as long as the espresso machine is left behind.

EVOC Bikepacking Handlebar Pack Boa®

evoc handlebar pack boa bikepacking bag
Medium 2.5L size pictured.

The carrying capacity of the size medium, Boa-secured, EVOC bikepacking handlebar pack is roughly 1.5 loaves of sliced sandwich bread, if you cut off the crust or squeeze them in tightly. The roll-in access holes on either side can be adjusted between a more compact single-loaf size, and the full length, one and a half bread loaf cargo bay. The main cabin offers ample storage to fold in a change of dry clothing, some spare parts, and a backcountry camp stove, or other lightweight gear. This handlebar bag is spacious enough to stow the essentials, while not large enough to be overfilled and affect the bike’s steering — unless you stuff it with jars of peanut butter.

  • Medium 2.5L, $130; Large 5L, $150
  • Waterproof
  • Two-sided access with roll closures for adjustability
  • Designed to easily clear cables
  • Colors: Carbon Grey or Loam (gold)
  • Size medium actual weight: 229g
  • Available at EVOC and other online retailers

The Boa Fit System snugs the bag securely onto the bar while allowing it to be removed in a matter of seconds. I have ridden with it mounted on two different mountain bikes, and had zero issues with the bag shifting around or coming loose from the bar. The Boa strap makes it a snap to swap the pack between bikes if you want to bring it along on every ride.

I stowed a dry t-shirt inside the handlebar bag and seat bag and proceeded to drench them both with a garden hose to check their waterproof effectiveness. I was happily surprised that the shirts remained desert dry.

EVOC Bikepacking Seat Pack Boa®

evoc seat pack boa bikepacking bag
Medium 2L size pictured.

The size medium seat pack is a decidedly tighter squeeze, crunching the storage bay to a single bread loaf. Surely it’s no accident that the cargo space in the size medium is the perfect size for a bivy sack. The size large, with an extra liter of storage, could likely hold a flyweight hammock, a first aid kit, and some food alongside a svelt bivy.

  • Small (1L) $110, Medium (2L) $130, Large (3L) $150
  • Abrasion-resistant seatpost attachment with Boa®
  • Fixable to standard, dropper, and aero seat posts
  • Waterproof
  • Carbon Grey or Loam (gold)
  • Size medium actual weight: 197g
  • Available at EVOC and other online retailers

Like the handlebar pack, this saddle bag is wicked simple to mount and remove. The rubberized Boa strap grabs tightly around your seat post and appears well padded to prevent it from damaging the dropper coating. Two velcro straps wrap around the saddle rails and latch securely to themselves, much like a traditional saddlebag.

The Boa strap will limit the amount of dropper post that’s available to drop, and the pack itself might contact the rear tire when the shock is fully compressed and the saddle is down. Taller riders who have far more seatpost showing won’t need to worry about tire clearance, but for everyone else, this is something to consider when purchasing a saddlebag for a squishy bike.

This photo shows the bag fully open. The closure rolls shut and the bag’s contents are held in place with a nylon quick-release strap.

EVOC Multi Frame Pack

evoc multi frame pack bikepacking bag
Size small 0.7L pictured

EVOC’s new Multi Frame Pack is by far the most versatile of the four bikepacking bags. There are velcro strap anchors all around the shell that allow it to be adapted to nearly any open space on or in the frame. An internal mesh pocket is the perfect place to stash a spare derailleur hanger, and possibly a set of keys.

  • Small (0.7L) $45m, Medium (1L) $50
  • Water-repellent
  • Multiple velcro placements for adjustable frame location
  • Internal mesh pocket
  • Includes frame protection stickers
  • Carbon Grey or Loam (gold)
  • Size small actual weight: 84g
  • Available at EVOC and other online retailers

I have been using the Multi Frame Pack to store all of the things that I would otherwise strap to my frame, and it has worked out splendidly. My hanger, CO2 inflator, tube, tire lever, multitool, and Presta valve wrench all fit nicely inside, with space to spare for a snack. I wrapped a rubber band around all of the metal cargo to keep it from making noise on rough descents and haven’t heard a peep since. This bag will not come off my daily-driver any time soon.

EVOC Top Tube Pack

evoc top tube pack bikepacking bag

Finally, we present the EVOC lunchroom. Well, that’s what I would have called it. The Top Tube Pack offers a wonderfully convenient location for trail snacks and energy chews. Like the Multi Frame Pack, the “lunchroom” grants riders another way to leave their backpacks at home, while still carrying essential gear. There is room for a halved PB&J, or a flask and a few candy bars inside the water repellent shell. The bag has a port to run the cable between an external battery pack and a handlebar-mounted light system.

  • Single size (0.5L) $40
  • Water-repellent with a top access zipper
  • Internal mesh pocket
  • Cable inlet for GPS or headlight power from a small-medium battery
  • Carbon Grey or Loam (gold)
  • Actual weight: 80g
  • Available at EVOC and other online retailers

Depending on the steerer tube length and stem placement, the Top Tube Pack may not fit all bikes exactly as shown. In this case, it can easily be mounted at the seat tube end of the TT instead.

These EVOC bikepacking bags are not your regular touring setup, with decidedly minimal weight and secure fastening features throughout. They are designed for folks who aim to venture further with less. The shell materials feel sturdy, and I expect them to hold up through several seasons of riding. Be sure to store your paperbacks in the handlebar or seat bag when it rains.

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