Mondraker MIND Suspension Telemetry System Simplifies all the Settings, adds Anti-Theft Tracking

Wireless sensors track the fork and frame to help riders optimize suspension settings. There's also an anti-theft system built in.

It’s all electrified! Mondraker aims to simplify suspension setup and tuning with their new wireless MIND telemetry system. A series of four wireless sensors placed on the fork and frame read input from the rider, and translate that information to settings in the myMondraker app.

This fancy new hardware will be included on the brand’s top Foxy Carbon and Crafty Carbon models, with their “Zero” suspension system platform and Forward geometry. Mondraker says that the new system will allow riders who know little to nothing about suspension setup to dial in their forks and shocks for optimal performance. For reference, some suspension experts charge upwards of €200 to dial in a bike one time, whereas this system can be used over and over.

The wireless components are linked to the bike’s serial number and can’t be transferred to other frames. That link includes recorded GPS data on where the bike is, what the terrain is like, and when it’s sent into the air. If you bottom out the suspension, the app will tell you where so you can pick a smoother line on the next run.

The system is said to run for over 20 hours on a charge, with 15 days of battery charge on standby, and it adds 199g total to the bike.

In addition to suspension performance, the MIND system and associated app have an alarm and anti-theft system. Once the alarm is activated, if the bike is moved the owner will receive a warning on their phone. If the bike is in fact being stolen, the app will help the owner track it.

For more information on the new wireless sensor system, head over to Mondraker.

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