Last Bikes new 145mm Cinto All-mountain Bike is Handmade in Germany

The Last Bikes Cinto all-mountain bike features downtube storage in a wicked lightweight 2.1kg carbon frame.

Germany’s Last Bikes adds a fourth model to their impressive lineup today, called Cinto. This latest frame will accept 29″ or mixed-wheel sizes, with 145mm of single-pivot rear suspension moving through a pair of flexing carbon seat stays behind a 160 to 170mm fork.

The carbon frame and CNC’d single-piece alloy rocker will be made in Germany, and buyers can select a custom paint job for a little extra cash or keep the carbon look with a clear coat. À la carte frames retail for €3,999, and range from €4,368 and up with a variety of stock shocks, or €5,078 with a special edition BC Intend Hover shock (shown).

Before we dig through the details let’s note that this is the first bike we’ve seen with a downtube storage compartment after Specialized and Trek added them to many of their bikes. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a rapid trend. The Cinto storage cover is a CNC’d alloy shield that’s magnetically hitched to the frame, with bolts for a water bottle on all four frame sizes.

Cinto frames use flex chain stays in place of a rear pivot, dropping weight and ditching the traditionally problematic hardware positioning. In order to give the chain stay maximum flexibility the rear brake caliper is mounted to the chain stay.

These new frames will use a SRAM universal derailleur hanger for easy replacement, a convenient 73mm bottom bracket, and removable ISCG tabs so folks who don’t want a chain guide can save the weight. Finally, the internal cable routing is all tube-in-tube to keep things silent, and the frame comes with a five year warranty.

On the geometry table, reach measurements across the four sizes are 442, 464, 495, and 528mm with 431mm chain stays on the smaller two sizes, and ride-balancing 437mm and 443mm stays on the larger two. The head tube angle is a reasonable 65°, fitting for what the brand calls an all-mountain ride, and the 77° effective seat tube angle should help the bike ascend all those mountains. Seat tubes are super short, starting at 385mm to accommodate dropper travel and short inseams.

The Cinto suspension leverage curve delivers 29% progressivity, so riders can choose their preference of coil or air-sprung shocks. Anti-squat on the Cinto is specific to the four frame sizes, to account for the rider’s center of gravity moving along with the frame sizes.

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