Improved WTB Saddles and a New DC Tire plus Canyon, LaPierre, and Norco Bikes

In MTB gear news this week, Sixpack Racing says the new Millenium ICR stem "optimizes" headset cable routing plus a foamy Velo saddle and a Hutchinson downcountry tire.

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Sixpack Racing Millenium ICR stem “optimizes” headset cable routing

Sixpack Racing says their new stem makes headset cable routing safer and perhaps a little easier. Instead of routing cables and hoses through the stem, the Sixpack system places ports just below and is sealed to prevent water and dirt from getting inside.

  • Price: €149.95
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WTB updates Silverado and Volt saddles

It’s been more than a decade since WTB updated their popular Silverado and Volt saddles, and the latest changes weren’t taken lightly. Both saddles feature the latest Fusion Form design and construction, while the updated Silverado is slightly flatter and shorter than the previous version.

  • Price: $47.95-$249.95, depending on the saddle rail material
  • Buy from WTB retailers.

New lightweight Norco Fluid VLT eMTB

The new Norco Fluid VLT features the just launched Bosch Performance Line SX drive system with a 55Nm motor that’s said to weigh just 2kg. With a 400Wh battery, Norco says a complete 140/130mm Fluid VLT build will weigh under 38lb.

  • Price: TBA
  • Buy starting in Spring 2024.

Velo Angel Revo Halo saddle uses ETPU foam

The Velo Angel Revo Halo saddle takes the original Angel Revo saddle and shoves ETPU foam inside for “improved comfort, shock absorption, and durability.” TPU foam is also used in running shoes, and saddles like the Ergon SMC Core which we really like. Titanium rails keep the weight of the Angel Revo Halo saddle below 250g.

  • Price: $125
  • Buy from Velo.
Provided photo.

New Hutchinson WYRM downcountry tire

The new Hutchinson WYRM is designed to fit in between the brand’s Griffus and Kraken tires. This all-weather tire is said to be both fast rolling and grippy, perfect for trail riding. Singletracks should have a pair on test this summer to find out. The 29×2.40″ tire comes in either a Race version (950g) or standard (1,000g).

  • Price: €45.99-75.99
  • Buy from Hutchinson dealers.

Canyon Spectral 4

The latest Canyon Spectral alloy trail bike sports a slack, 64.5° head tube angle, a steep 77° seat angle, and reaches up to 506mm on size XL bikes. With 160/150mm of travel front and rear, the base-level Spectral 4 build features a 200mm rotor up front, 12-speed drivetrain, and an Iridium dropper post.

  • Price: Build start at $2,299.
  • Buy from

Tailwind Dauwaltermelon flavor

Just in time for summer, Tailwind has a new electrolyte drink flavor called Dauwaltermelon, developed in collaboration with trail runner Courtney Dauwalter. The drink is said to taste like a blend of watermelon and lime.

  • Price: $10 for a four pack
  • Buy from Tailwind.

LaPierre e-Zesty AM update

The LaPierre e-Zesty all mountain bike was released in 2019, and the latest version builds on the design with a larger, integrated 430Wh battery paired with the latest Fauza Ride 60 motor. Builds for the 140mm rear travel bike are said to come in as low as 18kg (under 40lb). The geo has been updated as well, with a slacker seat tube and longer chainstays.

  • Price: Starting at €7,599
  • Buy from LaPierre dealers.

New Abbey wheel truing tool

After nearly six years of planning and development, Abbey Tools has a wheel truing stand they’re willing to put their name on. But wait, it’s not just a stand. The brand says, “We basically wanted the stand to function like an instrument instead of something that did little more than hold a wheel.” It’s designed to fit wheels of all shapes and sizes, and can be paired with digital and/or analog instruments for extra precise builds.

  • Price: Starting at $1,450
  • Buy from