Fyxation Mesa Plastic Platform Pedal Review

I have to be honest: when I received a pair of Fyxation Mesa pedals to test I was a bit skeptical. I mean, most quality pedals I have ever ridden on are made out of aluminium. I was unsure how plastic would hold up to the thrashing and bashing of rocks but boy was I impressed. Not only did the plastic hold up great, but these are my favorite pedals and the best I’ve ever used on my trail bike!


The Fyxation Mesa plastic pedals come with a solid cromoly axle giving the pedal great stiffness. Obviously the weight was impressive too–a measly 351 grams for the pair. The pins are very sharp, and with 8 pins per side, giving the rider great coverage over the pedal surface. Pair these puppies up with some soft rubber shoes and its almost as good as being clipped in. I really like the pedal body design; there are nut-shaped cutouts in the pedal body so the hex bolts, which thread in from the opposite side, are not threaded directly into the plastic. This is great as it eliminates any potential issue of a hard steel bolt being threaded into a softer plastic thread.

The included bushings allow these pedals to go round and round nice and smooth. The sculpted pedal profile is great for avoiding rock and root bashes. Plus, the Mesas are a mere 13.3mm in height, offering amazing clearance when the trail gets rough.

Proven Performance

Theses pedals have been amazing over the few months I have ridden with them. I have put a decent number of miles on them and they are showing no signs of wear in the least. The pins and platforms have suffered numerous hits on rocks and roots, with no damage other than slight scuff marks in the plastic. I have used these for both dirt jumping and shredding trails and the pedals are perfectlysuited for both applications. With a price tag of $47.95 you really cant go wrong with these pedals.

The only way I could imagine improving these pedals would be to add two more pins per side. The pin arrangement is great, but you can only cover so much platform area with 8 pins. Other than that, these pedals are spinning just like new and I have no plans to take them off of my trail bike any time soon!

Thanks to the folks at Fyxation for providing the Mesa pedals for review.

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