Fox Extends Their Integrated Front Fender For Cleaner Faces

Fox has a new extra large mud fender to fit their 36 and 38 forks.

Is this MTB fender exciting news? I have complained about all of the tiny fenders that brands include (and often don’t include) with their forks, so this larger one definitely seems newsworthy to me.

The new XL Mud Guard fits the bolts on a 36 or 38 from model year 2021 and beyond, with the lower fender braces attaching to the fork’s air-bleed valves. The brand says that this new fender provides 85% more coverage than their original offering, and will reduce the amount of crud that reaches your precious stanchions. It works with 29 x 2.5″ or 27.5 x 2.7″ tire widths.

Check the Fox site for pricing and availability.

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