Eurobike 2018: Shimano Drops Deeper With 70-170mm Pro Koryak Posts

Shimano expands the Pro Koryak dropper post lineup with travel up to 170mm.

New Pro Kroyak Dropper options range from 70-170mm

Shimano is fully on board the “long as you like” dropper post ship with the newly expanded Pro Koryak post line. The new posts come in lengths of 70mm, 120mm, 150mm, and 170mm. Each of the offerings from 120-170mm can be purchased with internal or external cable routing and in 30.9 or 31.6mm diameters. The 70mm dropper is only available with external routing, and only in 27.2mm diameter.

To mount the internal post, the cable head inserts directly into the bottom of the post, and the loose end of the cable is tightened and cut at the remote lever. This setup improves the installation and cable adjustment process slightly, and you don’t have to remove the post in order to tighten the cable if it stretches beyond the remote’s built-in adjuster. With a single bolt saddle clamp, this should make for a quick and simple install.

Pro shifter-style remote

Handlebar-mounted remotes are available in either a below-bar shifter style or a more compact push button option.

Claimed weights:

  • 70mm = 610g (external)
  • 120mm = 520g (internal)
  • 150mm = 508g (internal)
  • 170mm = 538g (internal)

New sizing widget

In addition to longer drops, Shimano is launching a new feature on their website to help customers determine the length of post that will work best for their bike frame, leg length, and riding style. The web-widget will ask for the internal seat tube measurement (measured from the post collar to the point a post would contact anything inside the frame), the amount of post you need sticking out of the frame when it is at full extension, and what kind of riding you enjoy most frequently on that particular bike.

The full size run of the Pro Koryan posts will be available in October of 2018, with retail prices released shortly prior.

Single bolt saddle clamp