Crankbrothers Power Pump Ultra review

There are plenty of mini-pumps out there that give you such a workout getting your tire re-inflated that you are too pooped to pump or pedal when you’re done. The Crankbrothers Power Pump solves the volume-versus-pressure conundrum with a nifty dial on the bottom of the pump – just select High Volume to fill the tire until the pump starts to bog down, then switch to High Pressure to top up the rest of the way. Even a 26×2.5 tire was no sweat to inflate with this compact mini-pump.

In practice it just works. While 170 strokes in Hi-Volume mode and 70 strokes in Hi-Pressure mode sounds like a lot, the short and easy strokes go by very quickly and without strain. The total 240 strokes brought my WTB Weirwolf 26×2.5 tire up to 26psi – close enough to the 28psi I usually use. If you have big hands you may have a tough time finding a way to hold the pump head. At higher pressures I ended up looping a finger around a spoke to help keep everything aligned.

Where the Power Pump really saves you is when it is doing what mini-pumps do 98% of the time – riding around on your back. Weighing in at just 129 grams it is about 50 grams lighter than a spare tube. At 7″ long it fits easily in my pack or a jersey pocket, but this model does not include a mounting bracket. While this pump is rated to 115psi a quick top-up on my road bike was not an easy feat – I recommend off-road use only.

The Crankbrothers Power Pump is a decent pump for its size, and it’s well-constructed with a 6061-T6 alloy body and a durable composite head. It is small, lightweight and just right for trail-side repairs. The pump has a dual sided head; one for Presta, the other for Schrader valves, and both work equally well.

Regularly $27.00 On Sale now on Amazon for just 20 bucks!