Cane Creek Announces the C-Quent Shock


Cane Creek is well-known for their Double Barrel (DB) line of shocks which includes both air and coil models.The Double Barrel’s claim to fame has been it’s adjustability, and it’s hard to beat in terms of plushness and level of tunability. While most shocks give you the option to change your low speed rebound and compression settings, the DB shocks have four levels of adjustment: low-speed compression, low-speed rebound, high-speed compression, and high-speed rebound. Cane Creek has also added their Climb Switch technology in recent years, which allows you to adjust the low speed settings on the fly.

This diagram shows how the oil flows through the damper
This diagram shows how the oil flows through the damper

However, some riders can be intimidated by all those settings, or they simply don’t want them. For riders looking for DB performance in a more user-friendly package, Cane Creek has announced the new C-Quent shock. The C-Quent will only be available as original equipment on bikes, meaning you can’t purchase it aftermarket – at least for now. The only bike officially shipping with this shock right now is the 2017 BMC Speedfox Trailcrew 03, but Cane Creek promises that more will be coming soon.

Cane Creek works with the bike manufacturers to set a base tune for the high-speed compression, high-speed rebound, and low-speed rebound. Those will be set at Cane Creek’s factory and will not be user-adjustable. There will be a knob with 10 clicks for the low-speed rebound as well as their Climb Switch.

For more information, visit Cane Creek’s website.

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