Candy Component Group: Mountain Bike Bling


Looking for some sweet mountain bike components? There’s nothing sweeter than Candy, the perfect name for this up-and-coming mountain bike company, a division of One Ghost Industries. While many may not be aware of Candy Component Group, for those into the DJ scene the name may ring a bell. Right now these guys are under-the-radar but to me they’re definitely up-and-coming.

The photo above shows the Candy 1.5″ Bighead headset, available in multiple colors. With all that color these sure look like Candy to me! The next photo below shows the new Flapjack pedals also available in a myriad of colors.

While some might assume a new company has little experience or isn’t entirely familiar with the scene, that’s simply not the case with Candy. David Meredith, owner of CCG, has over 20 years of industry experience and racing where he learned what works and what doesn’t. David opened up shop with One Ghost Industries, making “home brewed” race machines and then moved into opening Candy Components to sweeten up the deal. Who’s say you can’t have your cake and eat it too?


Candy will be coming into the market this year with some fresh looking new items. Not only will they come in a variety of colors but they also promise to perform as well as they look. Now these shots are only a sneak peek at what we will be seeing at Interbike. Hopefully by then we’ll have more time to chat with David and the clan at CCG. When we do get there next week I will be sure to take some nice shots of the other yummy goodies!

I’ve been told to expect handlebars ranging from 26″ wide to a full 32″ for those who like to blast down hill (and offered in multiple colors, natch). The bars will range from one to three inches of rise with an 8-degree sweep. These are definitely good numbers with a decent range to fit many riding styles. Candy will eventually offer stems, both 1.5″ and 1 1/8″ as well as direct mount in a variety of matching colors and reach. To add that little bit of sparkle to your bike, Candy also makes a seatpost clamp. The clamp is available in 34.9mm but other sizes are just over the candy cane mountain so to speak.

Check out Candy Components for yourself, and stay tuned for some reviews as soon as we can get them out to you. Look forward to Candy Component Group and many other profiles as we head to Interbike next week.