5 MIPS Mountain Bike Helmets, Tested – Which is the best?

Scott Vivo Plus Mountain Bike Helmet, $130 (Value Award)


I didn’t expect to like Scott’s new Vivo Plus as much as I did. After two months of time in it, I now believe it is one of the better mountain bike helmets and values in the MIPS range. With slightly less coverage than Scott’s Stego, the Vivo Plus still offers complete head protection without compromising ventilation. There are 17 vents in all, with 8 of them dedicated to expelling warm air from the aft end of the shell.

I am prone to nitpick, and visors are regularly the subject of my derision. I loathe a flimsy visor, as they seem to go missing all too often. The Vivo’s visor is attached at four steadfast points and although it isn’t adjustable, it isn’t going anywhere. The retention dial at the rear of the helmet is well-positioned and easy to use, although it might be positioned too low for some users. The overall fit is spot on, making this one of the more comfortable helmets I’ve worn in several seasons. It could just be perfectly matched to my cranium, but after soliciting other opinions, the fit does seem to work well for many head shapes.


At 346 grams it is one of the lighter helmets in the test, and it does feel light, well-balanced, properly-ventilated, and above all––protective. The quality of materials and construction belies the modest asking price and the MIPS liner is nicely integrated into the helmet’s interior. Lastly, the red color-way is vibrant and hard to miss in the dappled light of a shaded trail.

If there is one element of the Vivo Plus that I wish were slightly better, it would be with the ventilation to the brow area. Most mountain bike helmets suffer this same weakness. Maybe it’s just me, but my forehead can get toasty. www.scott-sports.com


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  • Excellent ventilation
  • Full coverage
  • Sturdy visor
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great value


  • Limited color choices
  • No camera or light mounts

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