$248 Dropper Post and New Cranks from FSA

sea otter 2017-139
FSA SL-K modular crankset, 485g, $448

FSA had their booth jammed full of new products at this year’s Sea Otter. They had a $248 dropper post on hand, a modular crank system, and a wheelset using an asymmetrical rim design. Not only that, FSA dissolved the Gravity brand of big hit components. However, the components themselves will still be available under the FSA name.

Dropper Post

sea otter 2017-136

The simply named FSA Adjustable Seatpost will come with 100 or 125mm of travel. Overall lengths are 383mm or 408mm, and FSA is covering the two most common post diameters – 30.9 and 31.6mm. At 741g, the weight is higher than a Fox Transfer or Rock Shox Reverb.

Modular Crank System

sea otter 2017-142
FSA Afterburner modular crankset $169

A majority of cranks on the market are two piece, meaning the spindle is permanently attached to one of the arms. This is all well and good unless you want to swap your cranks to a┬ábike with different bottom bracket spacing. Similar to Race Face’s Cinch system, FSA’s new system is three pieces. Pull the cranks arms off the spindle and swap in a different length as needed.

sea otter 2017-144
FSA Gradient modular crankset

FSA has implemented this modular design across their range, from the burly aluminum Gradient cranks to the featherweight carbon SL-K cranks.

sea otter 2017-141
That small silver spacer in between the crank arm and chain ring can be moved depending on whether your rear triangle has Boost spacing or not

Afterburner Wheels

sea otter 2017-146
FSA Afterburner wheelset $628

The Afterburner trail wheels use an asymmetric rim profile that helps balance spoke tension between both sides of the hub. They are 27mm wide internally, so they should provide plenty of support for 2.3-2.5″ trail tires. Weight for a pair of 29″ Afterburner wheels is 1,830g.

sea otter 2017-148

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