2 New Mountain Bike Riding and Chillin’ Outfits From Maloja [Review]

You could wear some of this mountain bike gear to a formal event, after washing out the trail smells of course.

The fashion gap between moto-inspired mountain bike clothing and campfire-inspired kit seems to be narrowing. Colors are a little less highlighter derived, with fewer flames and no lightning bolts to speak of. A lot of new gear is trending toward darker colors that will match bikes and the forest better than before. German outdoor apparel brand, Maloja, has been designing gear on this more chill side of the spectrum since their beginning, and the latest lineup is equally appropriate on the trail and beside the subsequent campfire.

FiderisM 1/2 hemp riding shirt

The FIDERISM 1/2 short sleeve multi-sport shirt is comprised of 55% hemp, 24% cotton, 19% polyester, and 2% spandex to make a tough medium weight layer with just enough stretch where you want it. While we don’t all need a collared riding shirt, it’s nice to have clothes that fit with more than one activity, or inactivity as the case may be.

The torso and sleeve fit is somewhere between slim and regular, and the size small fits exactly like all of the comfortable jerseys in my regular riding rotation. The material is a little heavier than it may appear, and this shirt works well on rides above 50°F (10°C) and below 80°F (27°C). In higher ambient temperatures the material isn’t able to wick away moisture and dry it fast enough, and it becomes heavy with sweat. The tail of the shirt is not noticeably extended to accommodate an aggressive riding position, though it seems to overlap my shorts just fine on the trail.

That same robust material is a boon when wearing the FEDERISM shirt to build trails or campfires. The cloth is definitely tough enough to take some abuse, and the buttons have held up strong over several months of riding and digging. Depending on your friend group, this shirt looks good enough to wear to formal events, though you may want to wash it beforehand. The FIDERISM 1/2 is available in blue or green, retailing for €80.

This large yoke across the shoulders cools the shirt off nicely.

StrutM riding shirt

There isn’t a laundry list of technical features to mention for the STRUTM. It’s made of 85% polyester and 15% hemp. According to Maloja, “The hemp content gives the material a natural feel and an exceptional appearance and the polyester content ensures high functionality.” Like the riding shirt above, the fabric on this piece is heavier than it appears, and it’s better worn on rides below 80°F (27°C) or to the bike park where fast descents will keep it drying out all day long.

The torso is fairly long, as are the sleeves, and the fit is slightly looser than most modern mountain bike jerseys. There is ample space for a back protector beneath, and the size small is plenty long to overlap my shorts while descending. The STRUTM retails for €69.95, and it’s available with blue, red, or tan in the main color swath.

TimianM shorts

These are the sleeping bag of riding shorts. That is, if you love your sleeping bag and never want to get out of it to light the fire and boil water for coffee. The TIMIANM shorts are a fair bit more technical looking and functioning than the casual shirts shown above. The shaped knees are plenty long enough to overlap kneepads and these may be the perfect shorts for riders with longer femurs. The legs are large and open, letting loads of airflow through as you pedal or coast along. The waist fits true to size, with plenty of room for adjustment, and a flexible panel at the lumbar allows the material to move with you while riding.

While these shorts are made of a durable fabric, they breathe fairly well and should be cozy on rides at almost any temperature. Make sure to buy the color you dig, because these are going to hold up for a while.

The usual pair of velcro waist adjusters sit above two zippered hip pockets that have heaps of space for a cell phone and snacks. The zippers each use a rubberized rope to pull them open and shut, making them easier to use with gloves on. TIMIANM shorts are made of 66% Nylon, 25% Polyester, 9% Spandex. They are available in five different colors, and retail for €129.95.

RetoM shorts

On to the short in shorts, the inseam on this pair of RETOM short-pants offers a full 2″ (5.8cm) less fabric than the TIMIANM pair above. While they will work with kneepads for some riders, I prefer to wear them on XC pedals and chiller trail rides when I don’t feel the need for knee protection. They will also make a sweet piece of kit for folks who like to wear baggies while riding gravel since they don’t overlap your knee while pedaling.

The mid-weight fabric has several layers, with a pair of large rear flapped pockets, two front hand pockets, and a zippered pocked on the right thigh that’s about the size of a cell phone. I’m not sure what mountain bikers need butt pockets for, but maybe they will come in handy for other sports. All of those fabric folds are fairly thick, but they breathe well. I have comfortably ridden in thee shorts on an 85°F (29°C) day and will do so again.

The overall fit is genuinely comfortable, and there is a flexy panel on the lumbar of this pair as well, making them work well on the trail or off. The RETOM shorts are available in three colors, and retail for €99.90.

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