If you’ve watched this video once, you’ve probably seen it a half-dozen times, and know how insane Danny Hart’s mud-riding skills are and how hilarious the announcers are. If you haven’t already seen this video, then you are in for a real treat:

One question in closing: “How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?”

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  • maddslacker

    Wow, the English sure don’t have much to get excited about, do they! 😀

  • Stamps

    Watched it live, watched the replay a hundred times….never gets old!!! For those of you who’ve never watched UCI DH races via freecaster.com, Rob Warner is hilarious and always gets you amped! While freecaster.com won’t broadcast the races next year its a good bet that Redbull will have Rob back in the booth. If so you owe it to yourself to watch one…

  • Jeff Barber

    My 2-year-old loves this video – she thinks everyone riding a bike is Danny Hart. 🙂

  • skibum

    Thanks for sharing that. I don’t think I’ve ever hear such animated commentary on any sporting event . . . ever . . . not even close. I was smiling throughout, both at the awesome display of riding skills and at how much fun it was for the commentators.

    What a muddy track! That alone would have given me great pause.

  • jaredmcvay

    Great run with commentators that could make golf fun. I watched it a could of times there.

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