Quinn Hanley Rides Sea to Sky in Storm Warning [Video]

Storm Warning, starring Quinn Hanley, showcases the Sea to Sky corridor's variable riding conditions.

From Commencal:

A bad day on the bike is better than a good day at work could be the mantra of the Sea to Sky… And the rest of the world.

Rider Quinn Hanley says, “During the long winters in Whistler with no way out, we waited for a good weather window and headed to Squamish to get after some riding during a warm spell. But as usual, the storm patterns changed, snow started falling, the parking lots cleared, and we had the snow-covered trails all to ourselves.”

Storm Warning showcases the Sea to Sky’s variable riding conditions. It’s not uncommon to have spring like conditions one day to full blown winter the next. Just remember that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing choice.