Sneak Peek: Syncros FR Wheelset

Over last 5 years, more and more riders have been choosing to equip their DH and freeride bikes with Syncros FR Wheelsets. These wheels are easy to identify thanks to their distinctive white rims and prominent logo placements. Syncros parts are quite popular in British Columbia, Canada, where the company started and the Syncros-sponsored NSMB team is also located in B.C. Here in the east, however, Syncros wheels are not as widely used which is a shame. As a former resident of Vancouvers fabled North Shore, Im excited to test these wheels since many of the riders I look up to used Syncros FR Wheels.


The 2010 Syncros FR Wheelset features their strongest rim yet, the DS 32, laced to the Syncros FR hub, which uses an impressive 4 bearings per wheel. All that strength comes with a slight weight penalty as the Syncros FR wheels weigh 2725 grams as tested which is about 500 grams heavier than many DH racing wheel sets. However, if you value long-term durability and build quality over weight, the Syncros FR wheels should fit the bill.

These wheels are individually hand-built with DT Swiss spokes and nipples, ensuring excellent quality and maximum durability. The FR wheelset is built with standard J-bend spokes in a 3X pattern. They come in matte black or white hubs while the rim is only offered in white. These wheels are available in 135×10 and 150×12 rear hub spacing and a 20mm thru-axle only front hub.

First Impressions034

These wheels feel much lighter than they are when installed because the bearings roll so well. The distinctive white rim looks great and makes your bike stand out. The tolerances on the FR Wheelset are very tight, so much so that installing the thru-axles required more force than usual both front and rear. This isnt a bad thing, because there is literally no play – an important feature when you’re hucking around. These wheels are true and still spinning fast after weeks of pounding at Joyride 150, an indoor bike park. Stay tuned for a full review in the spring after I have a chance to test these wheels on some real DH terrain.

Thanks to Syncros for providing the FR Wheels for testing.

About Syncros

Syncros started operating out of a Vancouver bike shop in the 1980s, producing parts that could withstand the pounding riders dished out on the nearby North Shore Mountains. Syncros was bought by Ritchey in 2003. Today Syncros produces high-end components built tough enough to withstand the most difficult trails while maintaining competitive weights and prices.