Introducing Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park: Opening Dec 14, 2009


Last week I got a sneak peek at Canada’s first indoor bike park, Joyride 150. When Bob_the_Builder found out I was going to Joyride 150 ahead of the official opening Dec 14th, he just had to come along. I dunno who was more stoked Bob or myself. On the drive up there I was trying to imagine exactly how big a 90,000 sq ft building is; needless to say, it’s large – very very large.

Walking into the facility you get a sense of the scope of the place. With the sounds of the finishing touches going on in the background, I was greeted by Leslie, one of the owners. A very nice person with a warm smile, Leslie was quick to excuse the bits of saw dust. After a little small talk about the place, we met up with two instrumental partners, Mike and Scott, both looking a bit tired, and for good reason. Both men, along with a few volunteers, were putting in 100 hour work weeks for the last 3 months to get Joyride ready for the grand opening.

Leslie took us on a tour from the entrance to the spinning classroom which is still under construction. The room is a nice size with 20 ft ceilings and room for about 30 riders. The height and shape of the room should provide good acoustics once the music is pumped in. After a quick visit of the spinning room, we really got a good look of the rest of the facility. Heading back into the front entrance we then started our main tour. The complex is divided into four main areas.


The first area, right across from the main counter, is the beginner section where you can practice your skills on various styles of skinnies and features that you will encounter at the park. The photo above on the left shows the practice rollers and skinnies. The photo above and right is the practice pump track which in itself is great. I have to say the quality of the build is absolutely top-notch. No expense was spared in making these ramps and skinnies smooth and flawless. Even up close you can’t feel the gaps in the wood.


After admiring the beautiful wood work and moving along, we passed the still unfinished advanced skinny area which promises to be something else with many elevated features. Across from that there are lockers and an area where folks can rest, eat, and talk shop. There’s also an advanced pump track with a massive corner. Leslie was mentioning that it would be perfect for two cross (hmmmm perhaps competitions could be just around the corner). Of course at this point BTB had to ride the course and judging by his big smile I could safely say he loved it.


The cross country track (yes they have one of those too) is elevated and travels around the entire complex. From here we got a great view of the main progressive jump and trick area. I have to admit doing laps on the XC circuit will be fun because you get to see everything: the foam pit, the stunts, all of it. Can you imagine riding around and taking a look at everyone having fun, jumping, and ohh yeah, taking a tumble? Heck, even BTB got into flying into the foam pit and the jump area.


All kidding aside, Leslie was mentioning the thousands of possible lines that riders can take to make a flowing line. A few days prior to my visit there were some circuit riders visiting and commenting on the set up, all of them making the same comment of how flowy and complex Joyride can be. One even mentioned how it would take a very long time to master the Joyrides Vert park set up.


As we were walking around the XC course and having a wonderful chat with Leslie, saws busily cutting in the background, Leslie talked to us what folks should expect to pay for a visit. It will cost about $20-$30 per visit and they are also planning on setting up season passes (price is TBD). Once things start to move more smoothly they will be concentrating on discount packages with nearby hotels and a rental fleet of bikes for those who don’t want to bring in their own rig.

Joyride 150 is located just north of Toronto in Markham ON, and their closest intersection is McCowan and Highway 7. The location is pretty close to many hotels and shopping malls, for those who don’t know the area and are wondering what else is around.

Well folks, I have to say you need to add this place to your ride wishlist. Unfortunately for me, when I went with BTB I was still nursing my broken clavicle so I couldn’t ride – otherwise I think I would still be there. Expect Joyride 150 to be up and running Dec 14th and make your way over. If you build it, they will come – they built it, so get over there!

More info on the joyride150 website.

More details:

  • beginner/sport/expert sections with skinnies, lines & featuresto test your skills and help you progress
  • a foam pit (beginner & expert ramps) witha matchingresi jumpand box jump
  • rhythms & jump lines (beg-exp)
  • a BMX-style street park with quarter pipes (MASSIVE!), spines, rails,drop-ins, bowls etc.
  • pump tracks (pump &dual race-style)
  • cross-country loop with elevation (climbs), log-overs, features etcsure to get your heart pumping and your legs burning!

Other park features:

  • cozy lounge with fireplaces & free Wi-Fi hotspot
  • concessions (snacks, drinks etc.)
  • bike rentals (various bike types)
  • bike storage
  • private party room available for rent (corporate events, birthday parties, etc.)

Coming soon to the park:

  • coaching services
  • spin studio
  • programs (skills workshops, day camps)
  • races/competitions
  • demo days/PK sessions

Pack your bags and get your tickets. This is a place to be when the snow is piling high!