According to this recent video interview, Aaron Gwin has made about $1 million this year. “Collectively if you added up all my salary, my bonuses, prize¬†money, signature product royalties, and all that stuff, this season, with a good year, I should be right about a million dollars,” said Gwin. “For all the kids out there, you can make it a great career.”

Skip ahead to minute 8 to see Aaron Gwin’s interview in this video from Ben Cathro.

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  • Jeff Barber

    It’s a lot of money. Gwin is probably the highest paid pro mountain biker (or very close to it), but it’s gotta be a fraction of what the top pro road riders make. Shoot, Lance Armstrong was easily pulling in tens of millions every year, and that was 15 years ago.

  • Aaron Chamberlain

    Good for him! I think it’s great that he’s putting it out there. The other guys that are close to him (Hart, Brosnan, Bruni, etc.) now have a benchmark for negotiations.

    Hopefully it doesn’t make bikes even more expensive though!

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