Stans claims that the DART tool, with two loaded plugs, weighs 15 grams.

Stan’s No Tubes has created a new way to plug the holes in tubeless tires when the sealant isn’t enough. For punctures larger than 5mm in length, the DART tool’s feathery plugs can be quickly inserted to fill the hole. From there, the plug material chemically interacts with Stan’s sealant to create an air tight bond, sealing the puncture shut.

The laser-cut pieces of the plugs look like a ball of rubber hair, with ample surface area to interact with sealant and fill holes. According to Stan’s, “because the DART anchors to your tire and creates a bond with your sealant, it also won’t pull out while riding the way a conventional plug can.” 

One of the coolest features of the new tire plug is that it doesn’t require trimming once it’s inserted. You can simply remove the tool’s clear cover, insert the plastic tip of the plug, and pull the tool away. It is faster than most conventional tire repair plugs because Stan’s plugs don’t rely on the pressure of the plug filling the hole. Instead, the plug’s reaction with their sealant takes care of the job.

The DART is also safer than traditional tire plugs because there is no long metal tool for riders to jam through their rim tape or poke themselves with.

The DART Tool will retail for $25 and DART Refill packages will go for $20. Both will be available for purchase in late October. 

Check out the instructional video below for a demonstration.

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  • Brad Beadles

    looks like it works very well. i’m excited to try it out for myself.
    mtb tubeless has come along way since its inception.
    at this point, i think i feel comfortable enough to bring along this giant plug, a normal/small size plug and leave the spare tube at the house.

  • Bnystrom

    Finally, a system that’s specifically designed for bike tires AND that’s reasonably priced. I’ll be buying one as soon as they’re available.

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