If you’re like me, you prefer not to wear gloves if at all possible. However, here in the sauna that is summer in the South, gloves are a necessity just to keep your hands from slipping off the grips.

The five glove options below all share some common features which I look for when mountain biking in the heat. These include: minimal construction, no padding on the palm, long fingers, breathable materials, and no cuff closure — they’re all slip-ons. Despite their different executions, all the gloves below weigh between 37-40g per pair (size large). As an added bonus, they all worked reliably with touchscreens unless really sweaty — then it was a mixed bag.

If you’re looking for a lightweight glove for summer riding, consider one of these.

Endura Singletrack Lite – $50 

These are my personal favorite gloves out of the bunch. The backs of the gloves are made from a lightweight mesh that has proven to be extremely durable and breathable. In fact, this is my second summer riding in the Endura Singletrack Lite gloves, but you wouldn’t guess it by looking at them. When they first arrived last year I was skeptical that they’d be able to withstand a weekend on the bike, let alone an entire season, and now I’m on season two.

Everything about these gloves is quality: the synthetic suede palm has withstood a handful of crashes; the silicone printing on the palm and fingertips is still going strong; and they’ve been through the washing machine countless times now. While I’m happy to ride in any of the gloves on this list, if the Singletrack Lites are clean, they’re the first pair I reach for when heading to the trail.

Endura Women's SingleTrack Socks - S/M Colbalt Blue | Socks
$11.37    Wiggle US   AD 

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    • Aaron Chamberlain

      I had a pair of Hand Up gloves and they fell apart in just a couple months. They’re a cool company, but I wasn’t impressed with their product. And, you’re still paying for a name with Hand Up.

  • voghan

    HandUp Gloves is my go to glove with Tasco a close second. I’ve used the TLD and Fox gloves but I want a simpler, no padding, light weight glove and HandUp is what I wear.

  • lawgs

    Ive been riding with a red pair of fox attack and theyve held up for two seasons now and still are in great shape. Theyve been in wash multiple times as well and have not fallen apart (silicone is still there). What i really like about them is they are very airy and if i get them soaked, i take them off for a couple minutes and they dry out quickly.

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