This just in from the Taipei International Cycle Show, via WTB:

The High Tail saddle was developed as a direct request from Pivot Cycles, who identified an emerging need for a purpose-built saddle while designing and refining their upcoming carbon 27.5” downhill bike.

Be sure to note that Pivot is developing a 27.5 downhill rig! Now, on to the saddle.

The cutaway rear of the saddle is designed to provide additional tire clearance when the suspension is fully compressed. When developing their new DH rig, Pivot was concerned that they couldn’t use the geometry that they wanted because of the rear tire contacting the saddle when the suspension compressed fully.

According to Chris Cocalis, Pivot Cycles founder and president, “We wanted to maintain the same travel, chainstay length and rider positioning as on our current 26” Phoenix DH bike and this presented an overall clearance challenge with current seat and rail profiles. Something had to give, so we contacted WTB with the idea of a saddle to accommodate the rising popularity of the 27.5” full suspension market.” WTB anticipates that this new saddle design will be useful on long-travel 27.5″ trail and all mountain bikes as well.

The new High Tail will be available with carbon rails for $249.95 US MSRP, Titanium rails for $159.95, and Cromoly rails for $119.95. They’re expected to be available in September of 2014.

Also, WTB unveiled carbon-railed versions of their popular Volt and Rocket V saddles at the Taipei show, both retailing for $249.95, as well as 142 and 150 width saddles. These new saddle versions also have an anticipated availability of September.

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  • dgaddis

    I wish WTB would bring back the Shadow V. All my bikes have WTB saddles (Shadow V, Volt, and Rocket V) but the Shadow V is my favorite of the bunch by far. Been riding the same one for nearly 7yrs now, it’s just a matter of time before it dies….

  • Jeff Barber

    So if regular saddles don’t have the rear cutout, it’s presumably because your butt rests on that area. And if your butt is in the area and the tire is spinning through that zone when you take a big hit, won’t you get a skid mark on your rear end? 🙂

    I would probably invest in some reinforced shorts if I were running this saddle on that bike.

    • Greg Heil

      I think the idea is that you drop the saddle to give yourself more clearance over the bike, so your butt isn’t in the saddle, but then the saddle is closer to the rear wheel, which can hit the saddle under full compression. However, you won’t be seated when you achieve full compression.

      I actually have this issue on my 26″ wheel DH bike.

    • Jeff Barber

      Ah, right–you probably won’t be seated in that situation.

    • chukt

      Young Grasshopper…

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