The folks at Leatt are relentless. If you’re a rider who thinks about safety as much as going fast or making your ride as light as possible, read on. I got a chance to catch up with Phil at Leatt and he filled me in on the latest products.

Over the past year Leatt has been hitting the drawing board, looking for ways to make mountain bikers’ lives easier. One solution they came up with is the all new (and very cool) DBX 5.5. Weighing in at approximately 800g, the 5.5 uses a simple adjustment approach which makes setting the brace up correctly a cinch.

For those who have ever used or tried a Leatt brace, proper set-up is usually a ten to twenty minute process. But with the DBX 5.5, I was able to get the brace set and ready to go in less than a few minutes. The adjustment wedges and hinges are gone and the 5.5 now uses a clever sliding front and rear adjuster that removes the unnecessary need to swap out chips or hinges. Simply release the latches front and rear and then put on the Leatt and swing down and slide the front and rear supports until the chest pads and thoracic supports sit comfortably on your body. There is bit more to it but you get the idea.

Adjustable height pads are also new, allowing riders with shorter necks (or those who want more freedom) to adjust the deck height for more side-to-side compliance. The 5.5 is designed with a crumple zone to purposely give way when impact forces are too great. Significant changes to the rear struts on the rear Thoracic support can also be found here. Not only did Leatt go to great lengths to improve safety, they addressed functionality as well with a simplified open/close button. The padding is now molded on, which allows riders to hose off the brace for easy cleaning.

A new level of soft protection is now available from Leatt as well. The latest Airfit body protector and vest features thinner layers of perforated 3DF materials instead of a single thick layer. The thinner layers allow for a bit of movement between the layers which not only move a bit easier but also conform better to the body. An added buckle system on the sides improve fit for those who are between sizes.

Look for these and other great innovations from Leatt in the near future.

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  • Bubblehead10MM

    Maybe I can finagle some of this stuff for Christmas. Everyone around me, especially females seem to think I get hurt too much. LOL Come to think of it broken ribs suck, no pun intended, worse then a broken clavicle and I just can’t afford a broken neck.

  • syd

    Well the new Leatt gear is something you want on your short list. The new brace will make life really easy when it comes to set up.

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