Maxxis Flyweight MTB Tube Tube Review

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Q: I'm looking to replace the tube on a Maxxis Sphinx tire. Will this be a good replacement? -Guest

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August 31, 2009
Pros: 95g per tube. Great way to knock off some serious rolling weight for your lightweight wheelset.

Cons: The presta valve can be a bit flimsy. To be fair though, I wasn't paying attention when I hooked up the pump so it's probably a user error rather than a design flaw. Just pay attention and you will be fine.

Recommendation: A GREAT light weight tube for XC riding. Not recommended for heavy riders or people those who like to do rough terrain.

August 30, 2009
Pros: Lightweight and holds air well

Cons: Still will flat if not careful

Recommendation: Great light weight tube. Just a bit more weight than the amount you need of stan`s for a tubeless setup

August 30, 2009
Pros: Super light and holds air well compared to latex tube

Cons: Still have to be careful not to hit to hard of an edge they will still puncture

Recommendation: A great tube for any XC rider who wants to save weight and not go into a tubeless setup