Kenda Excavator DTC Tire Tire Review

5.00 out of 5
By RunandBike0519    on Jun 4, 2010

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July 17, 2015
Model/Year: 2014

Pros: Grip, stability, consistent in the corners. Light weight (the 26x2.35 version I have).

Cons: A versatile tire ... ... none.

Recommendation: This is one of my go to tires in Mongolia. It handles everything Mongolia throws at me. Nice all around tire for many different kinds of conditions.

June 2, 2015
Model/Year: 2013

Pros: Great traction, Good control, Very durable, Versatile

Cons: none

Recommendation: These tires are awesome. I have them both front and rear and they have never let me down. Excellent traction in all types of terrain.

May 11, 2011
Pros: I agree with other reviewers great grip good as front tire
Looks beefy.Roll a bit better than nevegals

Cons: Well they are heavy

Recommendation: I really like kenda mountain tires. I tried these tires on the front and back and prefer them on the front. The knobs are huge and grip just about everything. Suck in sand inch or more like anything else. Could be a great replacement for the nevegal. but, I like those on the back.

March 8, 2010
Pros: awesome grip in the corners and climbs pretty decent but excels going downhill.

Cons: the rear seems to not track so well in loose off camber sections and has the tendacy to go where it wants, also the rolling resistance is kinda high but not as high as the nevegals.

Recommendation: overall its a great tire i would recomend it to anybody looking for an aggresive knob tire with tons of traction like the nevegals but with less rolling resistance.

February 21, 2009
Pros: It seems to grip to anything I came across on the trail like flypaper.

Cons: Relatively high rolling resistance.

Recommendation: This is a great tire for anyone except the serious XC racers. Higher rolling resistance is balanced by incredible grip on steep climbs and hard corners. Highly recommend it as a front tire. So-so on the rear.