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4.20 out of 5
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October 22, 2015
Model/Year: Folding 2015

Pros: Cheap at £10.99 delivered.
Can be mounted for grip or speed
Look good

Cons: Not especially fast rolling, lack grip right when you need it wet or dry. Not even confidence inspiring on the road.
I've used better rigid OE tires on cheap Halfords bikes

Recommendation: Stick with what you have got, these tires are average to below average at everything. Changing from grip to speed does almost squat especially on the front. Should be 2 stars really but they are light.

December 19, 2013
Pros: These tires came with the bike i bought and haven't failed me once. Maybe its the terrain or just plain luck but i haven't gotten a flat with these at all. I have been out riding and my buddies around me all got flats but me.

Anyways, these tires are great for hard packed trails. They roll fast and can handle most trails. I wouldn't use these if it's super juicy out. On gravel roads and hard packed singletrack these tires will get the job done.

Recommendation: YES

December 18, 2013
Model/Year: 29x2.2 Folding

Pros: All conditions tire. Fast rolling.

Recommendation: This tire is a great all-rounder tire. It seems to do well whatever surface you're on. I like that it is reversible for more traction. Sets up tubeless very easily.

December 14, 2013
Pros: Easy to mount
Work well tubeless
Low rolling resistance

Cons: Squirrely at high speed

Recommendation: These mount up easily and hold air indefinitel. Rolling resistance is similar to Conti RaceKings. Good slow speed traction, but get loose in fast turns.

December 12, 2013
Model/Year: 2013

Pros: Fast

Cons: High minimum air pressure, cake mud, slippy

Recommendation: These tires came standard on my 29er. They are great for everyday riding but since switching to a Slant Six, I can say this is not the greatest tire. It cakes mud easily, it slips around, and the minimum PSI is rated at 37 with a tube. For trail riding in variable weather, I would check out other options.

August 31, 2013
Pros: Grip and rolling speed

Cons: Wear

Recommendation: Living in southern Spain my terrain is a mix of loose rock and gravel with the odd sand sections. I have found this tire to be perfect for this. After taking ages to choose a tire I decided to mount it for speed over grip. (These tires are duel direction) So I started in May and average 80-100km a week. The grip was fantastic into bends and great for the loose rocky climbs. All tires slide going into loose turns but these have the ability to be predictive so no sudden wash outs. The rear has worn very evenly after just under 2000km whilst the front is still good to go. Although these are TNT I have been running with a tube as I average two punctures a week and it's usually thorns that remain embedded in the tire and need pulling out. Have already purchased a new set that await mounting. Will be trying these out in a tubeless setup as of this weekend so will report how they get on. At £14.99 from PlanetX against the normal price of £34 you can't go wrong.

December 13, 2012
Pros: Fast rolling, grips well on hard pack, great up front

Recommendation: Great tire to run up front during the drier parts of the year. It bites well into singletrack and still rolls really efficiently. I run it up front with an AKA or SB8 in back

April 20, 2012
Pros: Very very fast rolling tire.
Tire can be installed on the rim one direction for speed or the other direction for traction.

Cons: Tire gets a little hairy when you get off the hard pack.

Recommendation: Great all around tire for its price point.

December 11, 2010
Pros: Easy to mount and the TST tire with Stans works well at holding in air. The bead securely mounts on UST rims

Cons: Tend to wear quickly

Recommendation: Works well in medium to semi hard terrain. Nothing to wet as they tend to side slip. Pitching them into a corner you do get a slight squirm if the terrain is to hard due to the slight space between the side knobs and intermediate knobs. All around an OK tire.

December 11, 2010
Pros: I call it the agressive small block 8. Similar tread patters but it is slightly more agressive. I ran this tire on the rear paired with the Barro on the front.

Recommendation: Great relatively new tire. Also seals well with Stans.

Geax Saguaro 4.20 out of 5 based on 10 ratings. 10 user reviews.