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May 13, 2011


Recommendation: Climbs and handles like a champ and is very responsive. The bad seat will destroy your rear end on long hauls and all though the geometry gives the bike great handling, the riding position killed my lower back (Granted it was a 30 mile ride but I've heard similar gripes from others who have ridden this bike). Front and rear derailleurs shift responsively but the one I rode had SRAM shifters which work but I personally have always perferred Shimano. The tires were good new but they didn't last long before they had to be replaced. The grips are a bit uncomfortable but since I ride with gloves this didn't bother me. A handfull of minor drawbacks keep it from being a full-on five out of five but the Tassajara is still a lot of fun to ride and is worth buying.

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August 10, 2009
Pros: Well-balanced and tough.

Cons: Crap saddle and crap tires

Recommendation: Definitely worth buying, but upgrade the tires, grips, and saddle immediately.

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June 8, 2009
Pros: Feels really nimble, responsive. So far no serious complaints, but...

Cons: The seat is pretty uncomfortable, and I don't like the grips at all. I'll probably upgrade the grips first.

Recommendation: I am not sure this is the bike I have. I have this one:

This was a recent purchase and an upgrade of a Specialized Hardrock rigid that is over ten years old.

So far, all I can say The bike feels solid, and the components feel solid. Seems like a great bike for the price point.

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