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Q: what is the frame built from on the Santa Cruz super light? -Guest

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March 23, 2016
Model/Year: 2014

Pros: All around great XC dual susp.
Not overpriced.
Decends well for XC bike.

Cons: Head angle little steep.

Recommendation: Get wider tires.
Could use better brakes and shorter stem.

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December 5, 2015
Model/Year: 2015

Pros: Good climber, Light.

Cons: None so far

Recommendation: My 1st full suspension. I have no complaints.

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December 12, 2014
Model/Year: 2008

Pros: light
smooth and solid
good climb

Cons: none so far

Recommendation: Bought this used as my first new bike in many many years. Don't have much to compare it to as a result but I've been extremely happy with the SL's performance. My confidence and skill has made huge jumps, and I am addicted to riding now cause its so much fun to ride this bike.

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January 18, 2013
Pros: Lightweight, stiff, great climber, price, over all great ride

Cons: None so far, other than some of the components from the build kit (R) I went with. But as far as the frame, it's solid!

Recommendation: Well this is my first 'real' MTB. I went from a 'goose, to a new 2012 superlight. The weight difference went from a 40 pound bike to a 26 lb bike and boy what a difference the weight makes. My wife has the same frame (Juliana version) and loves hers just as much as I love mine! Great XC full suspension bike IMO

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October 3, 2010
Pros: light weight, simple strong platform, laterally stiff and a great value.

Cons: although the bike weighs in at 27 lbs 4 oz with egg beaters, the xt/mavic wheels that are standard are a bit heavy and must go.

Recommendation: Through the years I have owned The Gary Fisher Joshua, Giant NRS XTC, Special-ed FSR. When I started riding a Haro Shift I actually started enjoying riding again. The single pivot with a pro-pedal platform shock does the trick. So recently I traded my trusty R7 in on a Santa Cruz. WOW, lets go ride.

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December 26, 2008
Pros: weight, color, handling

Cons: I only bought the frame and switched over beginner parts from my other bike...other than that, the frame is awesome

Recommendation: I am a collegiate XC racer and this really holds up over the miles...I can't wait to upgrade this beast fully to fulfill the lightness that's implied in the name

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April 29, 2008
Pros: Great bike all around, it is inspiring confidence in me in leaps and bounds every time I ride it.

Cons: Powder Coat comes off kind of easily. Strictly cosmetic though

Recommendation: The DH XC build is nice but I would upgrade the wheelset and brakes at the very least. Solid bike for anyone looking to do it all on the mountain except for maybe the biggest drops and jumps.

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March 1, 2008
Pros: It handles like a dream and has virtually no flex in the frame. Climbs like a champion. More affordable than it's Other Santa Cruz cousins.

Cons: None

Recommendation: A great xc bike at an affordable price. If you go with a low price component set up you should plan to spend some $ on upgrades. I bought a seatpost, handlebars, crankset,and fork just to get the bike exactly the way I want it. I probably would have been better off just getting a higher end build up kit when I bought the bike. The plus is that I have been able to put the exact components I want on it and have dropped a couple of pounds from the bike in the process. If you are looking for more of a freeride or all mountain bike I would suggest the Blur LT or a Heckler. the superlight is pure cross country.

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April 12, 2007
Pros: Great climber and feel/handling inspires confidence in all situations. Design is tried and true. A little more budget friendly than some of the other Santa Cruz bikes.

Cons: Rear tire width a little slim - had some minor rub with the stock Nevegals at first.

Recommendation: An RP3/RP23 rear shock upgrade is a must imho for ProPedal since it's a single pivot. If you are buying a new, complete kit bike go with the R kit or higher as the component upgrades are well worth the extra $$.

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