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August 16, 2016
Model/Year: KHS xc Team 2013

Pros: light, fast, climbs like a dream, handles like a feather

Cons: none

Recommendation: I bought a 2013 model for a great price this year. I have ridden it in the mountains outside Roanoke, Virginia, the Adirondacks in Wilmington, NY and the Kingdom Trails in East Burke, Vermont. This is definitely a great bike for all xc riding!

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April 15, 2013
Model/Year: 2008 KHS XC 004

Pros: 1) Solidly built
2) Decent components
3) Lots of travel

Cons: 1) Weight
2) Rear shock lacking
3) Gearing not a fantastic range.

Recommendation: I bought this bike off of Craigslist for $325. I wanted a cheap mountain bike I could travel with and wouldn't cry when someone broke into my car and stole it while I was purchasing moon pies out of the vending machine at a rest stop.

It's shakedown ride occurred at Tsali's right and left overloop and the bike performed flawlessly. In spite of the low budget accessories and suspension, I witnessed no vague shifting and the brakes worked fantastically for any type, much less mechanical disc. The front shock is surprisingly plush and offers adjustment for both rebound and preload. The rear shock(MA Tough Shock 650) lacks any adjustment other than spring preload, however and I detected some pogoing on slow climbs. Nothing too bad, just enough to make you notice.

Gearing is such a preferential thing and I can't deduct any points for it, but if you're doing some serious climbing, a 30 tooth granny may turn your smile upside down.

The only real complaint I can lay on the bike is it's weight. Stock setup is 35lb 14oz. That's a lot of bike to pedal.

In closing, for the money, I think it's a fantastic bike to get you into the woods and is a fantastic bang for the buck. As an added bonus, it's husky nature will be sure to get your heart pumping up those hills!

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December 26, 2010
Pros: I bought a 2008 KHS XC-104 on closeout from Bob's Bikes and it is a very stable and predictable ride. For me the geometry of this bike is perfect. The frame design with the top bar dropping away is excellent design for men-you know what I mean. The frame seems to be pretty much bullet proof.

Cons: I broke the stem at Coranado Heights. Then I tanked the forks at Nu-Draper. Both times Bob's Bikes stepped up and quickly replaced the items. The bike needs a few quality component upgrades to get it up to 5 stars.

Recommendation: Buy one on closeout and upgrade the forks, stem, seat ,pedals, add a headlocker and a bashguard and you shoould be good to wail on it with no fear. That's what I do. Love the KHS.

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October 14, 2009
Pros: Quality.. Specs vs price.. you cant touch a bike like this from anyone else for under 4 grand...

Cons: are there any..???

Recommendation: great bike for the price..Very under rated company... Every one should own a KHS...

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KHS XC Team 4.33 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.