Transition Preston FR Mountain Bike Review

5.00 out of 5
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December 14, 2008
Pros: It is burly and versatile and no truly a competing frame design on the market. I have been riding the frame hard for about a year and the rear end is still as tight and true as the day it showed up at my house. It accepts happily a wide range of forks so you can salt your head-tube-angle to taste. It features a rather short wheel base that makes tight technical sections almost to easy (see Cons section). It stands up really well at low speeds allowing you to take a peek before entering a really surly section without giving up your body position.

Cons: The paint rubs off rather easy and other cable rub is problematic. The short wheelbase destabilizes the bike rather quickly in high speed chattery sections.

Recommendation: The frame has handled everything the Front Range has to offer, also Moab, Grand Junction and Peru. It is no monster hucker, but it begs to ridden off small to medium sized drops. If you are looking for big bike durability and feel with shorter travel to "liven up" you local trails, look no father than the Transition Preston.