Fuji Nevada 27-5 1.5 Mountain Bike Review

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Weight: 14,740 grams
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Fuji Fuji Nevada 1.9

February 7, 2017
Pros: Hydraulic disc brakes, 27 gear options, light weight coming in at just over 31 pounds, price point I paid $600.00, has front lock out, you can set pre-load, 100mm travel, GREAT BIKE FOR A NEWBIE LIKE ME

Cons: Tires are not great for off road and will need replacing if you plan to ride off road alot,

Recommendation: So I bought this because I am newbie to mountain biking and have worn out a couple of box store bikes. This is my first bike store bike and looking within my price range it is the best bike I could find. I have road it some now and really like the shifting huge difference between this bike and a box store bike in the shifting. Tires are not really suited for much off road use but i will ride them for a while before I switch them out. All in best bike for my budget was a $750 bike that was knocked down to $600 I aside because the new model is coming out. And @ $600 it was at the very top of my budget but I didn't want to settle for any less bike then this.