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July 18, 2014
Recommendation: It's a good bike but the only single speed 29er I've had. I have a nice geared 29er I ride and got this bike, used cheap, just for some riding/training variety and it is fun to ride.
The 2.1 Maxxis ignitor on the front wouldn't hook up so I replaced it after 2 rides. On the back it was fine and I used it until it was worn out. I switched both tires out with 2.25 Schwalble Racing Ralphs. The higher profile 2.25 tubeless will give you more air to ride on which really smooths out the ride.The bike handles very well over everything now. It could obviously be better over rocks and roots because the fork is rigid. But because it is fully rigid it is a better climber. Very stable at high speeds. If you are going fast you need to pick good lines or you will abuse your wrists from hitting obstacles too hard.
It's been well tested on all types of east coast terrain, rocks, sand, roots, etc. I am very happy with it 3 yrs later. A bit heavy but highly recommended for this price point. I recommend at least changing the front tire.

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December 16, 2012
Pros: Straight forward design, nimble.

Cons: Despite having additional set screws to lock the rear wheel in place, I have been able to shift it and after a few rides it needs to be readjusted. Which, in all honesty is not difficult so no points have been removed.

Recommendation: This is my first mountain bike. I ride a lot of road, and have a geared and fixed gear bike. I noticed that I rode the fixed gear much more because it is so trouble free. I took that knowledge and applied to my mountain bike requirements. Simplicity is key when in the brush in my eyes, and this bike is simple. Less tools are needed to be brought along in an emergency kit, and there is no chance of bending (or scrapping) a rear derailuer. Some people may think that SS mountain bike would be slower on the trails, but I have noticed that riding with other people on geared bikes is kind if a chore. They are too slow, spinning up hills, and small grades is not an option for a person riding SS. You gotta charge up the hills to gain the momentum. I have ridden geared mountain bikes and I would never buy one now. There is no use to do so. I do just fine with only one gear, and this Kona is a great way to start out. Good components, great frame, nimble, fast. It is a superb all-around MB that always puts a smile on face whenever I take it out. So far the longest ride I have been on is for three hours. And that was all trail riding. No pavement.

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