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January 7, 2015
Model/Year: 2015 Charge Cooker 4 (Performance Bicycle Exclusive)

Pros: First off, I do not have the regular Charge Cooker 4. I purchased a special edition made for Performance Bicycle, which is the Cooker 4 frame with upgraded components. The price was also insanely low to get the brand's name out there ($850 compared to $1400).

This is my first 29er an it took a little getting used to after my Sports Authority 26". With the combination of my 29" wheels and the RockShox 30 Gold fork, I can roll over almost anything. The Shimano components also were a plus and I had no issues shifting or braking. Also, the Charge Spoon seat is incredibly comfortable! I could barely feel the bumps from the trail.

Cons: The pedals are so-so, but usable.

Recommendation: Awesome bike! I needed a small frame, instead of my normal medium, so they run a little larger.

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