Access XCL 29er Mountain Bike Review

4.00 out of 5
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August 7, 2019
Pros: Able to carry speed

Cons: Older now. No clutch, losing chain in the rough stuff. Mech brakes.

December 16, 2013
Pros: Strengths: For being my first real mountain bike i was looking for lockout shoxs disk brakes and a 29er. This bike has everything i was looking for and it was for the right price. The brakes are great it shifts smoothly and handles well on everything.

Weaknesses: The grips kind suck but a nice pair of glove would solve that. You will get blisters from the best grips. The stem and the handle bars will be my first upgrade that are really poor. they do the job thought.

Bottom Line:
It is a great bike for the price. It is fairly lite and rides better than what i had before a (huffy piece of sh*t bike) I m a college student and this was a great choice for me.i dont regret it at all. I not really into having the top brand or what not. i am into a quality made bike that will get the job done at a good price. I love how it is not very flashy. Since i got it site to store i have free lifetime adjustments and discounts on everything. I looked for two weeks driving to different places and performance was the best. I went into one store and told the lbs guy i was a college student and said i had a small budget but he kept showing me thousand dollar bikes so i quickly left . Great bike love it