The BEST Mountain Bike Trails in Arizona


Singletracks members have ranked the best mountain bike trails in Arizona using our unique trail ranking algorithm. The best bike trails are rated by weighing the following ranking factors: average trail rating, number of members who have ridden the MTB trail, and the number of members who want to ride the MTB trail. Disagree with our list of the top mountain bike trails in Arizona? Find and review your favorite Arizona bike trails. Trails marked with a green row are trails you've ridden (must be logged in). Constantly updated.

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RankTrail NameCityRatingLengthDifficultyTopo MapConditions
1.Black Canyon TrailPhoenix62Advanced bike trail
2.HilineSedona5Expert bike trail
3.HangoverSedona3Expert bike trail
4.Black Canyon Trail - Little Pan LoopBlack Canyon City24Intermediate bike trail
5.50-year Trail / Golder RanchTucson19Advanced bike trail
6.Broken Arrow Trail SystemSedona10Advanced bike trail
7.Schultz CreekFlagstaff25Intermediate bike trail
8.Pemberton LoopScottsdale15Beginner bike trail
9.Browns Ranch to Granite MountainScottsdale14Beginner bike trail
10.Broken Arrow Trail / Chicken PointSedona2Advanced bike trail
11.Mescal TrailSedona13Intermediate bike trail
12.TempletonSedona10Intermediate bike trail
13.Cathedral Rock TrailOak Creek10Intermediate bike trail
14.Llama TrailSedona3Intermediate bike trail
15.National TrailPhoenix14Advanced bike trail
16.High on the HogSedona1Advanced bike trail
17.CloudviewGold Canyon20Intermediate bike trail
18.Hog WashSedona2Expert bike trail
19.Granite Basin LoopsPrescott11Intermediate bike trail
20.Hawes LoopMesa12Intermediate bike trail
21.Fort Valley Trail SystemFlagstaff6Advanced bike trail
22.Smith RavinePrescott6Intermediate bike trail
23.Los BurrosPinetop14Intermediate bike trail
24.Chuck WagonSedona11Intermediate bike trail
25.Sweetwater PreserveTucson10Beginner bike trail
26.Pima Road and Dynamite BlvdNorth Scottsdale22Beginner bike trail
27.Sonoran TrailPhoenix12Intermediate bike trail
28.Whiskey 25 Race RoutePrescott28Advanced bike trail
29.Panorama TrailLakeside11Intermediate bike trail
30.Pig TailSedona1Advanced bike trail
31.Secret, Tech & KGold Canyon9Advanced bike trail
32.Hog HeavenSedona1Advanced bike trail
33.McDowell Mountain ParkPhoenix13Intermediate bike trail
34.Cerbat Foothills Recreation AreaKingman12Advanced bike trail
35.Little BearFlagstaff4Intermediate bike trail
36.K-trail & VortexGold Canyon10Intermediate bike trail
37.Rainbow Rim TrailFredonia19Beginner bike trail
38.Arizona Trail: FlagstaffFlagstaff30Intermediate bike trail
39.Deem HillPhoenix5Intermediate bike trail
40.Soldier Wash TrailsSedona11Intermediate bike trail
41.Sonoran Preserve NorthPhoenix20Beginner bike trail
42.White Tanks Competitive TrackSurprise10Intermediate bike trail
43.Fantasy IslandTucson19Intermediate bike trail
44.Arizona Trail: Cienega CorridorTucson26Intermediate bike trail
45.Easy BreezySedona2Intermediate bike trail
46.Picket Post Superior15Advanced bike trail
47.Arizona Trail: Hart Prairie to SnowbowlFlagstaff12Intermediate bike trail
48.Arizona Trail: Snowbowl To MotoFlagstaff12Intermediate bike trail
49.Sycamore Rim TrailWilliams5Expert bike trail
50.Casa Grande MountainCasa Grande20Intermediate bike trail
51.Flagstaff Loop TrailFlagstaff42-
52.Houston-Mesa LoopPayson11Easiest bike trail
53.Fisher Point Overlook TrailFlagstaff2Advanced bike trail
54.Timber Mesa Trail # 636Lakeside6Advanced bike trail
55.PanoramaPinetop9Advanced bike trail
56.Raptor / Thumper / Kiln LoopCottonwood7Intermediate bike trail
57.Rocky RidgeFlagstaff3Expert bike trail
58.Lost Goldmine & Cougar LoopGold Canyon4Intermediate bike trail
59.Rail X Ranch LoopOro Valley8Advanced bike trail
60.Sunrise Ski ParkGreer20Advanced bike trail
61.Arizona TrailPage800Intermediate bike trail
62.AerieSedona3Advanced bike trail
63.Upper Dry Creek Area TrailsSedona32Intermediate bike trail
64.Lower Oldham LoopFlagstaff6Intermediate bike trail
65.Aspen DrawTucson3Advanced bike trail
66.Thunderbird ParkGlendale7Advanced bike trail
67.Baldwin LoopOak Creek2Advanced bike trail
68.Page RimviewPage10Intermediate bike trail
69.Slim ShadySedona2Advanced bike trail
70.Big Park LoopOak Creek3Beginner bike trail
71.Goldwater Lakes / Trail #396Prescott4Intermediate bike trail
72.Arizona Trail: Kaibab Trail / FredoniaFredonia19Intermediate bike trail
73.Sunset TrailFlagstaff4Advanced bike trail
74.Javelina / Mustang / BurroTucson8Advanced bike trail
75.Trail #305Prescott7Intermediate bike trail
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