The Top 10 Places We’d Love to Mountain Bike… If It Was Legal

Photo: Greg Heil

With the Sustainable Trails Coalition’s bill officially introduced in Congress, we can’t help but daydream about all the places we’d love to ride our mountain bikes… if only it was legal! With over 109 million acres of designated Wilderness in the United States, plus thousands more miles of singletrack outside of Wilderness areas that are also off limits …

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10 Best Mountain Bike Shorts for 2016


We recently surveyed more than 2,000 Singletracks members about their favorite shorts for mountain biking, and we learned a ton about preferences and price points. In this article I’ll share some of those insights, plus a list of the 10 most popular mountain bike shorts for 2016. Baggy vs. Lycra Nine out of the top 10 mountain bike shorts …

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Most Popular Mountain Bike Trails in the US and Canada, State-by-State (2016)


Each year Singletracks ranks the most popular mountain bike trails based on the number and quality of Singletracks members’ reviews, along with the number of visits riders make to each trail during the year. This year, we’re also including select Canadian Provinces in our list for the first time! There are many familiar names on this year’s list, but …

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Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Destinations East of the Rockies

Kingdom Trails, Vermont. Photo: Rob Whelan.

See Also: “‘Pisgah Y’all!’ Marin Mountain Bikers Get Snob-Checked in Appalachia“ See Also: “Yes, We DO Have Mountains in the South“ In fact, the entire Singletracks staff has developed a special love and affinity for the mountain biking found in the ancient mountains known as the Appalachians. While maybe you won’t find the same thousand-mile views …

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The 10 Best Enduro Mountain Bikes for 2016


Exactly how you refer to this category of bikes isn’t the point. Be it “long-travel trail bikes,” “enduro bikes,” or “all-mountain bikes,” essentially, it’s all the same thing. The rigs on this list are some of the most aggressive, yet also some of the most versatile, mountain bikes on the market today. Today’s créme de …

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12 of the Best Flow Trails in the USA

photo: kamoteus

Flow trails are being constructed all across the USA, so we thought it was time to catalog some of the best examples for those who love to flow. Over the past several weeks we surveyed Singletracks readers, asking them to share their favorite flow trail, and here’s what we found. Right off the bat, some readers …

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5 MIPS Helmets, Tested – Which is the best?


The modern bicycle helmet is a marvel of engineering and compared to those offered just a few years ago, are exceptionally light, well-ventilated, and many have protective features none of us would have ever dreamed of. The most recent development comes in the form of a proprietary technology called MIPS, or Multi-directional Impact Protection System. …

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The 51 Mountain Bike Capitals of the United States


Have you ever noticed when you’ve looked at a map of the United States that every single state has a capital city… even the smallest and seemingly insignificant states? Maybe that seems obvious, but that observation left us wondering: “well, doesn’t every state have a mountain biking capital as well?” After thinking about it we decided that …

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