The 10 Best US Destinations for a Weekend Mountain Bike Getaway


If we here at Singletracks know anything, it’s mountain bike trails. We’ve given you the Top 10 Mountain Bike Destinations in North America, and even the Top 10 Mountain Bike Cities in North America. But there exists a class of destinations that isn’t quite developed enough in trail mileage or sheer grandness factor to make …

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20 of the Most Scenic Mountain Bike Trails in the Western USA: Vote for Your Favorite


One of the primary reasons mountain biking is such a transcendent experience is it often offers the opportunity to get away from civilization, under your own power, to enjoy the unadulterated beauty of the natural world. Those pristine vistas can transport us out of our present concerns, out of our worries, and bring us completely …

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Best Mountain Bike Gear of 2012


Each year ahead of Interbike we score the user-generated mountain bike product reviews on Singletracks and compile a “best of” list. There was a ton of cool gear released in 2012 so naturally competition was fierce. In the end, the following products ended up on top. Best DH Mountain Bike: Santa Cruz V10 Best AM …

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The Best MTB Gear of 2011


At Interbike next week Syd and I will be previewing the newest MTB gear for 2012 which means it’s time to look back at the top gear of 2011. Our “Best of 2011″ list is based on your reviews over the last 12 months and includes 2011 model year products and older. Here are some …

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My Top Five: Best Mountain Bike Trails in the Philadelphia Area


You may not think the residents of Philly can shred; perhaps you think their waking hours are spent honking at each other, eating dog food sandwiches cheesesteaks, acting crass at major sporting events, or feeling inferior to New Yorkers. You’d be right for thinking all these things, but for the select few who love dirt, …

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Best Mountain Bike Gear of 2010


Our bags our packed and our schedule is full for Interbike next week! We’re stoked to check out the new 2011 mountain bike stuff but before we do, it’s time to look back at the top gear from 2010. Based on thousands of singletracks member reviews, we’ve ranked the top MTB products in more than …

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